St. Petersburg metro has acknowledged the experience of screening all passengers failed


Moscow, July 31 – AIF-Moscow.

The sue “Petersburg metro” has informed the Governor of St. Petersburg and the Ministry of transport that the increased screening of passengers at the stations was a bad experience, and asked to review the regulatory base, Interfax reported with reference to the press service of the subway.

“She wanted to live to a hundred years.” The fate of people who died in the subway in St. Petersburg

“The whole town saw how not thought out at the moment, the regulatory framework – has recognized the Agency interlocutor. – So the head of the metro wrote an official letter to the Minister of transport of RF Maxim Sokolov and Governor Georgy Poltavchenko with a proposal to revise the regulatory framework”.

The letter provides examples and statistics of people tested at the stations, including the number of cases when it was necessary to interrupt the operation of the halls to limit entrance to the station or to close them.

Last week, the screening of all passengers entered at four metro stations “Spasskaya”, “Zvenigorodskaya”, “Elektrosila” and “Krestovsky island”. This has led to the emergence of queues at the entrances to the lobbies and complaints from citizens.

Now the optimal organization of the traffic flow during peak hours the security personnel of the metro be sure to inspect only passengers with large Luggage. Owners of the handbags or briefcases to inspect with hand-held metal detector, to avoid queues, noted in a press-service.

After the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint-Petersburg in April of this year, the Rostransnadzor has checked the work of the sue “Petersburg metro” and submitted to the company a number of lawsuits for violations of transport safety requirements. Petersburg court fined the company.

Subsequently, according to the website of the St. Petersburg metro three decisions on administrative punishment of the metro was cancelled, as the company has proved that the requirements of legislation in the field of transport security were not violated, and unscheduled field examination of Rostransnadzor after the terrorist attack in the subway was carried out with gross violations of the law.

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