“Still, it’s flat.” Very loud and wild stuff 2017


“Flat Land” in the air

25 September 2017 TV channel REN TV showed the issue of the TV program “Most shocking hypothesis” with Igor Prokopenko. The theme of the program was the “flat Earth theory”. The authors gave a word to those who are in the second decade of the XXI century continues to believe that the sphericity of our home planet is a myth.

“Still, it is flat”. Opponents of the sphericity of the Earth rise up

Among the heroes of the program was a former NASA employee Matthew Boylan, who claimed that he was forced to edit the real pictures from satellites, so that the Earth seemed spherical, and Pavel Sviridov, one of the most famous “procesamento” of Russia. The last announced on the Internet his speech in the program: “I am involved in the creation of this film. As you know, success on television is measured. Therefore, I appeal to you as much as possible spread the word about this film, let him see more people be active, write reviews, discuss, including the forum channel, and then we break through the dam of lies and omissions”. In the program he claims that NASA showing footage of the astronauts from orbit, actually using green screen and other technologies, falsifying reality. It was also the word and other supporters of a flat Earth among bloggers and Amateur scientists who debunked all the evidence for the sphericity of the planet.

Thus a true scholar of the word in the transfer is not given, and it turned out that they have nothing to say Sviridov and the company.

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“Who wants to know information that is recognized by official science is the natural history textbook for fourth grade”

Many output of the program has caused confusion, the part of the audience did not hide their indignation. But the real shock the audience experienced after it became known that the author of the program Igor Prokopenko became the laureate of the TEFI-2017 in the nomination “Educational program”.

However, I received the award for “Most shocking hypothesis”, and for another his project — “Military secret”.

Winner of the TEFI Prokopenko responded to the accusations of being unscientific in its programs

The award Prokopenko immediately after the transfer of the “flat Earth” many have caused resentment. The journalist responded to critics: “I Have no problem that the data series that appear in my program, recognized by official science, for one simple reason: the program is called “Most shocking” hypothesis. Anyone who wants to know information that is recognized by official science is the natural history textbook for fourth grade. Those who want to know all the versions and hypotheses that exist today, from the classic to the most ridiculous and fantastic is to us. There is no contradiction in this”.

The broadcast “the Most shocking hypothesis” really had an educational value. Thanks to him, the public learned about the existence of the not too numerous but very active brotherhood “prokopenkov”.

Rowbotham and comrades: how did “procesamento”

In the nineteenth century, English inventor and writer Samuel Rowbotham wrote a book in which, based on my own experience, argued that the Earth is flat. He popularized His theory with the help of lectures, and attracted many supporters. In the US, supporters of Rowbotham founded the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church, preaching the idea of a flat Earth.

In 1956 was created the International flat Earth society. Oddly enough, but its ranks were replenished, even after the flight of Gagarin and the landing of American astronauts on the moon. By the way, the proponents of flat Earth actively promoted the theory that a moon landing is a hoax, filmed in Hollywood.

Operation “Apollo”. Landed American astronauts on the moon?

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The disk size of 40 000 kilometers

Supporters of the “theory of a flat Earth” doesn’t stop the fact that this question lost its position even the Catholic Church. In 1992 the Vatican officially rehabilitated Galileo Galilei, admitting that the Earth is not motionless body and really revolves around the Sun. None of the prominent representatives of the traditional churches of today will not seriously challenge the sphericity of the planet.

However, “procesamento” insist that our planet is a disk the size of 40 000 kilometers in diameter, the center of which is the North pole. Antarctica and the South pole is actually there for the most southern continent take the ice wall encircling the planet at the edges. The sun, Moon and stars revolve above the Earth’s surface.

Pictures from space supporters of a flat Earth is not considered as argument. According to them, the scientists of the planet are in a conspiracy, and everything that’s published — well-thought-out lie.

The Exposure Of Galileo. The astronomer suffered not the science?

“I fall. In the same place!”

In may 2017 American Darryl marble brought the plane level and put it on the table in the back of the front seat. According to the calculations of men, a 23-minute experiment, the plane must overcome 326 kilometers. According to the Marble if the Earth has a curved surface, the trajectory of the aircraft deviates from the horizontal by 8 kilometers. To compensate, the pilot had to lower the nose of the aircraft. But this did not happen, and therefore, they say, the Earth is flat. The existence of gravity, the experimenter called “just a theory”.

Blogger jeranism drove his car 144 km on the highway and recorded the whole journey on video. According to his calculations, if the Earth were a ball, over time, the way he would rise to 1.6 kilometers. As the road remained smooth, and the bends was not, then, no spherical Earth does not exist.

In July 2017, a fighter for the flat Earth have become famous in Russia. The schoolboy Maksim Necklace on your video channel on the Internet fiercely defended version on the plane home planet: “Here I jumped. The earth rotates at a speed of 400 meters per second. I fall. In the same place! I think that is why the Earth did this… moving, and I’m on 400 meters somewhere on a plane?”.

Maxim is famous in the Internet, but was not too persistent. After users have made fun of him, he chose to delete his videos, and this fact is not more.

The evolution of ideas about the world. Infographics

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Spherical Earth — the handiwork of the masons?

There are in Russia “procesamento” more sinister of the order, believing in the sphericity of the Earth as an affront to the faith.

In a social network “Vkontakte” there is a “flat Earth Society” whose members are more than 28 thousand people.

“This group was created to counter the pseudoscience, to encroach on the foundations of the biblical world, — say the organizers of the project. — Why we defend the truth of a Flat Earth? It is not that we, like all honest people, fighting for the Truth. And not even the fact that the plane of the Earth is obvious to anyone with eyes and the ability to watch them. It’s all in the question of trust in God… the Bible gives us a clear picture of the world order. Modern science, funded by Masonic circles, denies this, and slips instead of her own, designed to confuse the minds. Before us there is a choice — who are we? With God and the Bible, or with the masons and their pseudoscience?”

How many layers in the structure of the Earth?

In the bowels of the Earth are aliens and Nazis: what happens when you don’t go to the doctor

Some supporters of the “flat Earth theory” and abandon the idea, but it is easier from this becomes. One of these “researchers” named Rodney Cliff told the tabloid Daily star, that the Earth really is not flat, but spherical. But it is hollow inside, and there is another Sun that power the parallel civilization. Supporters of the new theory differ on the question of what this civilization. According to some, we are talking about hiding after World war II the Nazis. Others believe that they are representatives of an alien civilization.

Cliff and his associates are convinced that the Earth there is a whole system of huge tunnels through which to move “supermen”, and NASA made aware of them, but they hide the truth from mankind.

In view of the foregoing, dear readers, AIPPI wishes you in the new year not to go mad, and stand firm with both feet on the surface of our spherical planet, relying solely on scientific knowledge.

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