Sugar increased by 10% for a hundred years

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Moscow, 30 Mar – AIF-Moscow.

The American climatologist Sumanta Nigam said that over the last hundred years as a result of global warming, the Sahara desert has increased by 10%, reports RIA Novosti.

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The researcher noted that the lake Chad began to dry up, and the desert still closer to him. Across Africa, decreased rainfall, but most strongly affected the Central part of the continent. Now there is a theory that due to global warming monsoon “move” in the direction of the deserts and they will begin to turn into Savannah.

But, as noted by Nigam until Sugar is only growing, which affects the lives of many people. Studied a lot of data and scientists came to the conclusion that over the past century Sugar has increased by 10%, that is, about one million square kilometers.

Scientists believe that the cause is not only global warming, but nature itself – this is partly due to fluctuations in the water temperature in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. At the moment Sugar is growing at a slower pace, but in the future due to a cooling of the Atlantic ocean it can start to spread much faster.

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