Swimmer Efimova lost again offended the American king

Four-time world champion and three-time Olympic medalist Yuliya Efimova lost in Budapest in the sprint breaststroke. Not only the American Lilly king, but her teammate Katherine malley. Katherine this is really for us an extra piece on the pedestal, of course. From Efimova now everyone is waiting in Budapest for the answer.

Adam Peaty started the day that waited, as the battle of Yulia Efimova and Lilly king, a world record for 50 metres breaststroke already in the preliminary round. And in the evening semi-final swimmer has already decided to update: 25,95. It was a beautiful force, but we, what is really cunning, waited for the record for Efimova. And I really wanted to remove the word “almost” from Efimova away.

Julia is in the semifinals, “almost repeated” world record set at the Olympic champion of London Malachite Ruta in Barcelona 2013. Not enough is 0.01 seconds. It was promising.

In the final, the record was set. Only the author was Lilly king. The one from the time Rio does not like it when Julia lifts up the finger after the race.

The same king, who was in Rio de Janeiro as he wanted. Efimova After winning in the preliminary round of the Olympic games in the 100 m and raised a thumb up American angry. Passions were running high in the skirmish and rushed discussion for many.

The finals brought victory to the king, and the world has already seen her finger raised to the sky: “I do not agree with the fact that Efimova admitted to the Olympics. You triumphantly raise your finger up, but was caught doping. And my victory over Efimova is a victory for clean sport.” Silver Efimov then refused to congratulate the American.

In Budapest after a semifinal swim Efimova again showed a gesture that she’s number one. Specially for king or just noting that have won, who knows? But king “Hey” I took his account: “I saw that gesture. And it just gives me even more motivation”.

It seems that the battle of the ambitions of the now almost institutionalized. Not raise a hand one, will not respond other deviation from the rules.

Motivation and Julia were the coolest. But in the world Cup final went wrong. Start – generally not the strong point of Efimova. Not for the first time loses. But there’s really lost is the eighth of eight. “Today gave a very quick start – up and immediately started. Maybe because of this foothold on the first “fifty dollars”.

And then – how to tell 100 meters? The only way, Julia is not caught up with Lilly king and lost the second American woman: king 1,04,13; Kathryn ili – 1,05,03; Efimova – 1,05,05; Ruta Malachite – 1,05,65. Myself, semifinal, Julia has lost 0,69.

“Record King? She showed a good time and good nerves,” he demonstrated in the responses to journalists Efimova and the nervous system.

“I can’t say that I was very upset, but now the anger appears. Will work at 200 meters, 50 meters relay. Of course, shame, shame, apologize to their fans. Something did not go right from the start, couldn’t understand. In the semi-final so easily it was… I didn’t think in the semifinals of the 100 meters will be able to swim so fast, but at 200 meters I’m getting ready for world record”.

…And before the failed battle of Efimova at the distance of 200 m freestyle won the bronze Alexander of Red. For Julia bronze – resentment, for Sasha – success. Red 0.17 seconds behind the American Townley Haas (1,45,04), the first was the Chinese sun Yang (1,44,39).

The distance passed in a tense and tight struggle. “Cover was 175 metres, more I remember nothing. It was so hard that I wanted to cry,” winner of the championship did not hide his emotions.

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