Tax Amnesty: for the cancellation of debt will need documents about the life difficulties

Every election cycle the state is becoming more generous. And generosity this often translates into big spending than planned. The President announced tax Amnesty will cost 150 billion virtually any, as calculated in the state Duma in the development of the bill and not 80 billion, as originally announced Vladimir Putin.


Last time in 2011, too, before the election authorities have done the same “trick” with the debt, only the amount was a fraction of the 36 billion virtually any. A new Amnesty is perceived as a massive tax forgiveness of sins: as promised, it will affect 50 million people or one third of the population of the country. Unfair work: one discipline pay, and others — just forgive their debts because it is time of Grand gestures.

If the analogy with the last tax Amnesty, the current – much bigger, though, because it will affect the interests of not only legal entities, but “physicists”. Citizens will write off all the major property taxes (on property, land, transport), which was formed on January 1, 2015, and a three-year period their penalty will expire on 1 January 2018, on that date and will enter into force Amnesty. Plus among the lucky ones get individual entrepreneurs who have debt on insurance premiums formed on January 1, 2017. In addition, from land tax for “six hundred” will release pensioners, the disabled and veterans. Before retired he was paid, though exempt from other property taxes, and people with disabilities, and veterans were deducted 10 thousand virtually any from the cadastral value of land.

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The President’s proposal, furnished by the state Duma within a week the bill has passed the third reading, they sound noble, but in fact, according to him, many questions remain. As stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, it is a “bad” debts, the return of which is impossible to provide, over three years the tax office for some reason failed. According to the MP, there is nothing useful that people feel the debtors and bailiffs for the tax — an extra burden to run them from the payment system and penalties. According to the Tax code of the hopeless are those debts that were formed from the organizations and individuals who have been bankrupt or liquidated companies.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Irina Guseva, in turn, explains that the decision of the head of state sent to those citizens who are in difficult life situation, not weighed their strength and are unable to pay on time.

According to her, among these “poor people” are those who have moved and not had to pay taxes, lost relative, for whose estate no one pays or got into more debt to pay the old. How to prove “a difficult situation” the representative of the legislative authorities explained briefly, saying that should be some supporting documents. The bill says that on the basis of these documents the decision on the recognition of arrears as a bad debt and write-off takes the tax authority at the place of residence of natural persons. More fog: “the documents and the manner of decommissioning approved by the Federal Executive body authorized on control and supervision in the field taxes and fees”, – stated in the last paragraph of the article.

Despite the innuendo in the bill, the Chairman of the Committee explained that one of these documents will be the court decision declaring an individual bankrupt – but this amendment is more relevant to individual entrepreneurs who don’t pay insurance premiums. The usual “physics” with arrears for personal taxes debts from three years ago just forgive without unnecessary litigation.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Committee, a colleague Guseva Andrey Makarov said that bad debts is only part of the write-off of debts. “Bad taxes — only a third of taxes will be deducted and the rest of the taxes that it is unfair to recover,” – said the Deputy. As an example he cited the cancellation of debt on taxes on the so-called conditional income — they have to be charged to borrowers loans or debts to Telecom operators, utilities and other companies. Putin called “senseless”, and therefore they decided to cancel.

As previously reported, the debt to the Russians will be deducted automatically in your account on debt disbursed before January 2015, will disappear. They will disappear and those debtors who have broken payment discipline for all the wrong reasons: forgotten, not wanted, wrong amount. This injustice occurs when any amnesties: capital, criminal, administrative or tax, said the co-Chairman of “Business Russia” Anton Danilov-Danilyan.

“It turns out that one knowingly comply with the law, others because the government took it and forgave all the sins”, – expressed his opinion the expert. At the same time he asks the question: what is better — to pursue the Amnesty and give the participants a chance to start anew and to enter the economy at “clean”, knowing that honest citizens will be in the position of offended or to leave debtors with the burden of guilt.

“Developed countries usually choose the second path. Developing States choose the first option, because for them the factor of rapid growth more important than social injustice. When Amnesty is done correctly, it really gives the impetus for economic growth, improving the business climate and investment, but we have almost all attempts amnesties were wonky and weak”, – said Danilov-Danilyan.

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