Teacher forbidding children to go to the toilet without help, lost his job

The Administration Of Krasnoyarsk

Moscow, 13 Feb – AIF-Moscow.

Director of the Moscow Lyceum №1795 Valentine Setagawa AGN reported that teachers who did not let children out of class to the bathroom without special medical help to quit.

Setagawa reported that the class has appointed a new head teacher, parents of students satisfied with the appointment.

The Director of the Lyceum, which is located in the Metrogorodok district in Eastern Moscow, said that the teacher was not acting on behalf of the administration, and on their own initiative.

Internal service check started after the dissemination to parents of students a memo with a message: “lessons in toilet teachers do not have the right to let go. The output of the lesson for the toilet is only possible on the basis of medical certificate (medical certificate), if the disease. That is, the set of children that the toilet there is a change. Or fill in a corresponding doctor’s certificate, if the child can not stand without a toilet for 45 minutes”.

In Lyceum №1795 there are cadet classes and classes for children with disabilities.

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