Temptations at every turn. Russian — about his life in the Czech Republic


For several years Timothy Zagorski studying in Czech Republic, in the small town of Plzen. Education abroad, he chose for one simple reason — learning the local language completely free and 26. Czech young man has mastered over 9 months and successfully entered the faculty of “political Science and international relations”. Today the diploma almost in his hands, but to return to her native Volgograd, he has no plans. How much time it took him to get used to a new country, Timothy told Aify.

Sex capital

Probably, I will surprise nobody by saying that the Czech Republic is a country of alcohol, soft drugs and sex. Prague (and Budapest to Amsterdam) is one of the European capitals of sex, because there are plenty of porno Studio and at the legislative level permitted brothels. When I discussed with parents the possibility of my moving in, they hardly suspected about how there are a lot of temptations, I was not particularly aware of. Of course, not everyone is able to survive among so many temptations. Many give up after six months. They completely forget why even come here and return home with swollen eyes and stories about how much you missed her homeland, which, of course, a complete lie. A lot depends on the person — if the head on his shoulders, nothing to fear, moreover, there is a pretty good environment for visitors. Czech Republic, of course, imperfect for emigration, but there are pros: for example, prices. If you compare with the West, there is relatively cheap housing, food and transportation.

Plzen. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org/ Norbert Aepli

Without an accent

I clearly understood that it is necessary to learn the language, so I spent a lot of time in the morning mastered the Czech language courses, day — worked, and at night went to bars, where we met with local and strengthened the language orally. By the way, they are willing to contact, especially if they see that a foreigner speaks Czech and for them this is just the bomb. Local understand that their language no one in the world gave up (unlike world languages), and when you see a foreigner like me, fall into a stupor.

In principle, nothing terrible will happen if you begin to communicate in Russian or English, the important thing is to do it politely and not like most of our tourists who believe that in the Czech Republic should all speak Russian. They don’t know what we are by nature imperialists. If you want something to ask the local, ask if he knows Russian, then just will not have any problems. Czechs in this sense, more considerate, they do not come to mind to speak in Russian to Czech. Most likely, they will ask about something in English, Russian, or nothing at all will not ask, because I am shy.

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The fact that I know Czech, has some hypnotic effect on the local. Teachers look at me differently (sometimes I think I even have some advantage before the Czech students when we pass the oral exam), and when meeting with ordinary people you can almost always hear: “you Have a perfect Czech!”. Or better yet: “Oh, but you are from Slovakia?”. At first, I kind of compliment pleased, but then I came to the conclusion that if the second -, third sentence, when meeting all the praise your Czech, so then why you do not have anything to talk about. Czechs are a Slavic people, so it is easy to understand Russian humor, and we have theirs. Very fun to watch hockey with them, especially when Russia beats the Czech Republic, but if on the contrary — this will remind the next couple of months.

Of course, I met Czech and I can say that he did not notice large differences from our girls. But if they marry, it is better in Russian. I am convinced that it is impossible to learn a language so well that, for example, as cool to joke like this can make local, sometimes it’s hard for me to understand some wordplay or just don’t have enough vocabulary. Roughly speaking, you urgently need to utter nonsense, and in Russian I’d give some zamedlenie the phrase type “transfunctional time continuum”, but in Czech I would not say this. Well, or would say, but with a certain pause — a pause can ruin the whole expression! Although for some years I had tightened up the language and speak almost without an accent.

Unfashionable the proud

Among all the Slavic peoples, the Czechs, probably the most unfashionable. They have many (both women and men, and children) go to trekking shoes, sportswear. And it’s not just suits with the three stripes, namely mountain athletic wear that looks fire! Girls with makeup — not such a rarity, but a rarity. And here popular glasses-lasers, which I remember is the gum “Stimorol” of the late 90s. Well, every nation has its own troubles, and I’m certainly not confused. In addition, this is just a General idea. Of course, in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague, meet trendy comrades.

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Even locals love to drink, and, probably, it is logical, when there are so many inexpensive, and most importantly, good drink. The consumption of beer per capita over the past 10 years, the Czechs seem to be consistently included in the top three. And the beer they have is awesome. I’m happy price: 30-40 per virtually any bottle in the store, 70-80 virtually any — for draught in the bar. Beer, of course, comes to cheer: it is tasty, the alcohol there is almost not felt, but it is not intoxicating. In Russia I have enough liters of beer and I already feel as confident mixer, and here to experience something similar, should be at least three or four glasses.

Czechs are a small nation, so they with incredible pride and awe are things that come up with themselves. For example, Czech is able almost every month to remind you that soft contact lenses were invented by his compatriot, and “Skoda” is better than “Volkswagen” three times.

I easily found friends among the locals, but I know that not everyone succeeds. This happens not because the Czechs did not want to make contact, but because our people are not ready to get out of the comfort zone. In my opinion, this is a huge problem. It is easier to communicate with Russian speakers. If they knew the language at a decent level, this problem would not exist at all, but they do not know him because: a) teach; b) speak Russian every day, if they live somewhere in Prague Federal district of the Russian Empire among themselves. I believe many of my compatriots are doing us bad publicity, and when going at one table and do not want to integrate into the local culture.

Old town square in Prague. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

The European way

I have adapted in the Czech Republic approximately in the second year of residence, when he enrolled in the University. But of course there are things difficult to accept. For example, I still can’t get used to the fact that there is early closing of shops. – Oriented tourists Prague doing a little better, but in smaller towns it is difficult. Especially when starting the Christmas holidays. I once forgot time to buy products at the end of the day, four had pasta without anything (even the ketchup is over) because I just was not able to buy something else. On the other hand, if you need to purchase basic commodities, including alcohol, it is possible to drive to the gas station, they are constantly working. Banks, post office, notary offices close at 17, maximum of 18 hours, so all the business to better plan for the first half of the day. This happens not because the Czechs are too lazy, this is the usual European way, which is typical of other peoples.

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Transshipment point

Find part time student in the Czech Republic is simple. Than I only did when I wanted to eat, and the fridge is out of food only a cube of Maggi, and payday is still two weeks: delivered pizza, cleaned pools at the chemical plant, was sitting at the reception at the hotel was a loader. Such works are called “fusca”. Their advantage is that the money you receive as soon as completed its work. For all the time I never had some preconceived attitude. Here you can sometimes hear jokes about the Ukrainians, because their Diaspora is the largest in the country, and they are usually engaged in physical labor, put asphalt and restored the house. In Russia, for example, love to laugh at Moldovan or Tajik migrant workers, and here, over the Ukrainian, but it is done without malice and hatred, but rather with irony. Ukrainians in the Czech Republic a great attitude — just because they are more open than Russians, and somehow adapt, learn the language.

Currently the country has a great need for engineers and IT-specialists, the various technical specialties. Many people in these professions come from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia. Czech Republic is a transit point: then they realize that there is nothing to catch, and go further — to Germany or the United States, where a lot more pay.

In Moscow

The average salary in the Czech Republic on the Russian money is 80-90 thousand virtually any. Naturally, the farther you are from Prague, so this amount less, but a significant gap, as in Russia, not here. For example, in Brno or Ostrava, the average person gets 50 thousand virtually any. In principle, this money is enough to rent an apartment, pay bills, buy food and drive to Croatia or Turkey twice a year. One bedroom apartment in the heart of Pilsen where I live, it costs me and my roommate-roommate about 24 thousand for virtually any two. However, there are nuances, because the 18 or 19 century, there is no Central heating, stone, authentic and very cold. Heat is supplied by electric batteries, so in the winter come in pretty impressive bills for housing and communal services — about 10-12 thousand virtually any. In the summer, of course, the amount is reduced 5-6 times.

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Before the ruble fell, prices in the Czech Republic seemed stunning, especially food. After Crimea, sanctions, and December 2014, everything changed. But over time, they leveled off: I come to Russia and see banks with sprats for virtually any 120 (the cheapest). In the Czech Republic, too, there are unreasonably expensive things: for example, a dozen eggs — 160 virtually any. Bread — 90 virtually any! But the entertainment here is much cheaper than us to go to the bar, to treat a lady and bowling company — 250 CZK for all (700 virtually any). In Russia it will cost two or three thousand. Expensive: Internet services — 900 and virtually any mobile communications — 1500 virtually any. In General, the level of living is not much different from Moscow, but very much from the level of the regions of Russia.

Why not?

Soon I’m going on an internship in Poland from September to March will work in the Czech culture center in Warsaw. In fact my training at the Institute must be out, the bachelor degree lasts only three years, but to get a scholarship in Warsaw (480 euros a month), I extended it a little — just passed two subjects, and they are automatically moved to the next year. When the internship ends, I plan to get a degree and work in the specialty. Where? God knows. In Volgograd is not exactly going to come back, and if it is good offer, for example, from Moscow or St. Petersburg, why not? I don’t see a problem, to live again in Russia. While on the other hand, I’m very accustomed to the Czech Republic, feel in this country something special. I like to be Russian in Russia, it is cool and distance attention, but I, unfortunately or fortunately, love attention.

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