That’s so dishonest! medicine. How to cheat patients in private clinics

The amount of money citizens spend on diagnostics, is growing every year. But often this does not go into the quality of treatment.

More does not mean better

“There is such a practice: the owners of the clinics, which are usually not doctors, the doctors put such problems to the patients as much as possible paid for examination and treatment, says doctor of medical Sciences, President of the National Agency for the safety of patients and independent medical examination Aleksey Starchenko, many years engaged in the protection of patients’ rights. – For the salary of physicians is tied to the amount of income that their assignment was received by the clinic. The reality shows that laboratory tests can be assigned indefinitely. Patient difficult to understand them and to abandon the “extra”. But I suggest to discuss in detail the purpose of research and analysis with the doctor to be interested in, why they are needed, why he recommends you how dangerous it is to give them up, they fall in the standards of diagnosis for your illness. When you speak in detail with your doctor, it is responsible suited to different assignments.

CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray: what are the research and why they are needed

The same applies to CT and MRI CT and magnetic resonance imaging. In practice, these expensive methods of tests are very common and not always justified. Neurologists send them when literally any complaints of headache, ignoring the classical examination, which can be used to determine indications for such studies. This is wrong, it is wrong to compare CT and MRI to fluoroscopy. I am not a supporter and instead of physical hold CT of the entire body. It is often offered discounts. This procedure is not for screening. The so-called simple research methods healthy people, which allow to suspect, or to identify their disease is asymptomatic, latent”.

In the end, studies and analyses are often obtained clearly excessive: they indicate that the person is healthy, or give such information, which is hard to use usefully.

Belief fear

Another classic example is the determination of markers of cancer. They are widely recommended to identify with or at risk of developing the disease or catch it early when it does not manifest itself. The goal seems noble. But the devil is in the details. “There are so-called tumor markers – proteins or other substances produced by the tumor. Dozens of them – for different types of cancer. It is assumed that if they are, then perhaps the presence of a tumor, explains the Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, head of scientific laboratory of cancer chemoprevention and oncopharmacology SMRC Oncology. Petrov, Vladimir Bespalov. – So often justify such research by offering to lead them to healthy people. It seems to be logical: people take care of themselves and is willing to spend money on it. But actually this is a misrepresentation. None of these markers is not officially approved for cancer screening – primary research healthy for to detection of malignant diseases. They are useless because not proven their effectiveness in the early diagnosis of cancer, and also because they can give false positive results. That is the sort of show that cancer is, but in reality it is not, – these tests are positive not only in cancer but also in many other States. In such cases, the person experiences stress: to confirm or rule out a different tumor, it must pass many other studies, sometimes not only expensive, but difficult, causing discomfort and even complications. For what need these cancer markers? Main indications – in the complex diagnosis of the tumor is its clinical manifestations (symptoms), or to assess the effectiveness of treatment. They are used in specific risk groups – people with bad heredity in relation to any particular cancer.”

Hospital sideline. Why free medical care is paid for?

German – for the money

We’ve learned that even in state and municipal medical institutions dentistry operates as a private. But it’s not. “The patient should know that within the compulsory health insurance pay for everything, including dental care, says A. Starchenko. – Moreover, these services are paid very well, the medical establishment they make decent money. It is no coincidence that even many private clinics are keen to join in the work of OMS. I got acquainted with the work of one clinic – dentist, serving only pregnant women, earned her the CHI system more than doctors in all other specialties! Often a dentist to encourage patients to additional costs asked of the patient, which seal better put: our free or German – for the money? Now, keep in mind that this year under the MLA began to pay for the installation and the more expensive light-curing fillings. Prosthetics and dental implants remain a paid service, but now we are trying to MHI included the preparation of teeth and oral cavity to these procedures”.

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