The 2018 world Cup without English referees to blame Jose Mourinho

FIFA has published the list of football referees that will participate in the 2018 world Cup. The Russian brigade of judges led by Sergey Karasev in this short-list, but for the first time since 1938 it was not the referee from the UK.


Mark Clattenburg.

In March in the United Arab Emirates hosted the training camp for referees in all football confederations and FIFA results and identified 36 63 main referees and assistants, who will serve the matches of the world Cup in Russia. Even then, there was a certain hope that the Russian team for the first time since 2006, will be appointed to judge the game of the world Cup: Sergey Karasev deserve a successful work at Euro 2016, and his assistants — Tikhon Kalugin and Anton Averianov — at the last Assembly successfully passed the test of FIFA.

As for the British judges, their absence in the list of assignments did not become news for the British themselves. They all knew even a year ago, when the only English referee extended list of FIFA, mark clattenburg left the English Premier League in order to lead the judiciary in Saudi Arabia. And sometimes whistle at the local matches.

In the end, and so it was. Published the final list of referees for the first time since 1938, no British. As reports a press-service FIFA, the final decision on the arbitrators to take into account the “qualification and personal qualities of the referee, and the level of understanding of football and ability to read the game and understand the tactics of the teams.” Hardly clattenburg lost his skills and started to understand football, but in any case, he fell out of the cage, working on games several levels below what is UEFA Euro 2016, which he successfully sued.

I wouldn’t have wanted someone to see in the history of English by non-invitation of judges for the world Cup the message from FIFA that his worthless political games and boycotts to spoil the celebration, there is no subtext here. The head of The Council of professional judges in England Mike Riley in an interview with Sky Sports said that no matter how they are disappointed, but substitute in the list of FIFA Clattenburg was not possible. “Yes, now we are frustrated because we are very proud of the work of their referees and if you look at the last 10 years, the more successful British representative in the international judiciary simply will not find. After mark went to Saudi Arabia, we simply do not have time to train other judges on matches of the highest level. But I can say that this is question time, not question the professionalism of our referees,” said Riley.

Meanwhile in the British press rumor has it that clattenburg could return to England he was bored in Saudi Arabia. However, the Brand already 43 years old, although age-related manifestations he is actively fighting. Recently, for example, he told in social networks, how to overcome baldness with hair transplantation. And in Saudi Arabia have great respect for him, especially after he stopped the match between “al-Faiha” and “al-Fateh” in the Cup of the King, when he heard the call to prayer. Was extra time of the match, but clattenburg blew the whistle, everyone will have a chance to pray. This decision fans met with thunderous applause.

In Britain, despite the high status, he kept getting nailed in the nuts. After another criticism of your work from Jose Mourinho and mark decided to leave the Premier League. In an interview, he said, as Mourinho came to him in the locker room claims. “I officiated a the match in which Wayne Rooney broke the record of Bobby Charlton. After the game, Jose came to me in the locker room and expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that I didn’t put the gates in Stoke city a penalty for handball in the penalty area. I was sure that worked great. But when my work in that match was to criticize the head coach of Manchester United, began to doubt. Went home and thought maybe it was a mistake? And I asked myself, do I really want to continue this work? Had to finish,” said clattenburg. However, he finished only in England.


The videoassisted will be chosen at the workshop in Italy, which will be held in April. In the meantime, the list of the referees looks.

● League: Felix Brych (Germany), Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey), Sergey Karasev (Russia), Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands), Szymon Marciniak (Poland), Antonio Mateu Laos (Spain), Magic Milorad (Serbia), Gianluca rocky (Italy), Damir Skomina (Slovenia), Clement Stavrev (France).

● CONMEBOL: Julio Bascunan (Chile), Enrique Caceres (Paraguay), andrés Cunha (Uruguay), Nestor Supply (Argentina), Sandro Ricci (Brazil), Wilmar Roldan (Colombia).

● CONCACAF: Joel Aguilar (El Salvador), mark Geiger (United States), Gar Marrufo (USA), Ricardo Montero (Costa Rica), John Pitti (Panama), Cesar Arturo Ramos (Mexico).

● AFK: Fahad al-Mirdas (Saudi Arabia), Faghani, Alireza (Iran), Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan), Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed (UAE), Ryuji Sato (Japan), Nawaf Shukralla (Bahrain).

● DEPARTMENT: Mehdi Sharif Abed (Algeria), the Malang Didier (Brazil), Bakary Papa Gassama (Gambia), Jehad Grisha (Egypt), Gianni Sikazwe (Zambia), Balak Vaasa Tessema (Ethiopia).

● OFC: Matthew Conger (New Zealand), Norbert Hauata (Tahiti).

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