The American General called Russia the most powerful of threatening the United States countries

Joseph Dunford © /

United States Marine Corps


Moscow, July 23 – AIF-Moscow.

Russia and the United States on the brink of war? Expert opinion

Of all States that pose a threat to the United States, the greatest potential in the military sphere, Russia has. This opinion was expressed by the head of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Joseph Dunford at a security conference in aspen, writes TASS.

Among other States, threatening the security of Washington, Pentagon spokesman called North Korea, Iran and China. According to Dunford, of all these countries Russia has the largest total resources in the military sphere, in particular the nuclear potential and the ability to act in cyberspace.

The DPRK has called it a threat requiring “the most urgent action”. Washington can not concentrate on one threat, said Dunford.

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