The American media praised Russia’s readiness for war

The press service of the YUVO

Moscow, 21 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

Experts of the research center Rand praised Russia’s readiness for war, writes the National Interest.

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According to experts, now the Russian Federation relies on tactics and high technology, but there is no reason to believe that Moscow is committed to conflict, analysts concluded that the main task is the defense.

It is noted that in recent years Russia has, thanks to modernization and reform in the army, managed to reduce the number of troops, but to support the ground part in the high degree of combat readiness. According to experts, in case of conflict, Russia is likely to avoid fighting, using manpower, using a variety of missile weapons, which has in large quantity.

However, analysts said that the question of how the potential of the Russian army remains open, as some compounds showed very good, for example, in Syria, and the other can be equipped with “conscripts” or do not use the most modern weapons and equipment.

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