The bad times have not passed: economists, gave recipes from poverty

In a press-the centre “MK” held a Round table with participation of famous scientists and analysts to discuss the economic results of the year and projections for 2018. Economic growth is 1.6%, which is called “sustainable” President Vladimir Putin is actually a corrective to this view came the panelists. The crisis has not been overcome and may at any time to return, despite the optimism of the authorities. The experts also urged the Russians to a healthy pessimism is advised not to relax and gave some practical advice on how to keep your personal income as the population they continue to fall.

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“Correction of growth means adapting to the prevailing conditions. But the crisis is not gone, he can return under the influence of external factors — the fall in oil prices or a new round of sanctions,” – said the Director of the Institute of strategic analysis FBK Igor Nikolaev. In this regard, his advice to Russians: exhaled, but do not relax. “Prolonged stability becomes stagnation. People don’t want economic growth in the official statistics and increase their personal income, but they only reduced” – added the scientific Director of the RAS Institute of Economics Ruslan Grinberg. “The economic conditions a little warmer, but on such important indicator as the level of life expectancy, Russia occupies the 100th place in the world and GDP per capita we are ahead of even Malaysia,” – said head of Department IMEMO Yakov Mirkin. According to him, the state “treats” the economy point, and need a comprehensive approach. The ex-Minister of Economics of Russia Andrey Nechaev has noticed that the macroeconomic indicators that are so optimistic in the official statistics is questionable. “We’ve got economic growth is low quality. The main problem is the volatility of the main components of growth. The only thing consistently — fall of incomes of the population”, – said the speaker.

The principal risks for 2018, experts have called the aggravation of the external political situation, sanctions, falling oil prices and inadequate assessment of the economic situation in the country by the authorities who sincerely believe that all the worst is behind us.

To protect yourself and family from these risks, experts advise “stay and relax”. “Bad times in the economy is not yet over and to take at face value the optimistic assurances of the authorities is not necessary. Now better to get yourself together and try to earn some money, you will not regret, – says Igor Nikolaev, – now is the time to require the debtors to return the loans received”. But buying bitcoins, expert advises, he said, for the Russians this investment are out of date.

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Yakov Mirkin, turn, metaphorically called the Russian economy “a great adventure”. “In this adventure winner is the one who generates something new and loves change. In a changing environment should not count that you have someone to feed, for example, the state, so it is important to maintain the ability to generate income at any age. Man — goods on the labor market, so you need to invest in yourself in education, health, skills. It is not to take on too high credit risks that kill any future income of the family. The same is true of the foreign exchange risk. Ruble still needs to prove that he is a stable currency. In short, I do not recommend to speculate on the financial markets, whose rules are unknown to you. But if you are in a financial “pyramid” or “bubble”, then leave in time,” advised the economist.

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