The Bishop of London will be the first woman


Moscow, 18 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

The 55-year-old Sarah Mullally will become the highest-ranking priest-woman in the history of the Church of England, reports TASS.

The translator of the Qur’an: “Nowhere woman has as many rights as in Islam”

The Queen of England and head of the Church of England, Elizabeth II gave her in the position of the new Bishop of London. Mullally now serves as auxiliary Bishop Creditorsin in Exeter diocese. It will commence the powers in the new status from the beginning of 2018, replacing Richard Chartres.

The position of the Bishop of London, is third in importance in the ranking of the Church of England. The above are only the post of Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the spiritual head of the Church, and Archbishop of York.

Sarah Mullally gained fame in the UK in 1999, when he became the youngest head of Department on work with the nursing staff in the Ministry of health of the country. Two years later she became a priest, and three years later went to work in the government, began pastoral work in the London borough of Sutton. The post of Bishop of Creditscore it takes in 2015.

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