The broadcasting of “Katyusha” in China will begin before the end of 2017

Joshua Doubek


Moscow, July 4 – AIF-Moscow.

Russian TV channel for the Chinese audience Katusha will start to broadcast in China before the end of 2017, said Aify in the Directorate of public relations of the First channel.

Moscow and Beijing — “marriage of convenience”. What the Chinese media write about Russia

Russian First channel and China Central television signed an agreement on the launch of the bilingual project. The document was signed in the Kremlin after the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader XI Jinping. The heads of state witnessed the signing.

Channel “Katyusha” is the first Russian TV channel for the Chinese audience. As representatives of the First channel, Katusha will show the best cultural, cognitive, educational programs created in Russia. A significant part of the ether will be given for a series of documentary films about the history and culture of the country, scientists and researchers, outstanding people, nature and picturesque corners of Russia. Also the channel will show popular entertainment and musical shows such as “Ice age”, concerts of famous Russian singers and also children’s programs. Programmes, made in the Russian language, will be translated into Chinese, will also transfer with subtitles.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow and Beijing have agreed to launch a cultural-educational TV channel.

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