The Central Bank has predicted a sharp increase of salaries of Russians in 2018

The salaries of Russian state employees in the current year will grow by 13-15 percent, which will exceed the projected inflation in the three and a half times. This is reported by “the Guardian”, citing a review of the Central Bank “as evidenced by the trend.”

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The document States that the revenue growth is due to the increase in the minimum wage (SMIC) to a living wage and the implementation of the may decrees Putin.

Specialists of the Central Bank came to the conclusion that wages will grow by 1.5 and 2.9 percentage points due to the fact that 1, minimum wage will rise to 11.1 thousand. And in 2019, the indexing of wages to fall to the level of expected inflation at four percent.

The Russians called the perfect size wages

The document also says that revenue growth is expected not only in the public sector, but also in commercial organizations due to the increase in tangible rewards to employees.

Experts believe that it will be associated with staff shortages and increased competition for skilled employees in some industries.

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