The Central Bank has proposed to remove from the streets scoreboard with exchange rates

The Bank of Russia intends to prohibit banks to install on-street electronic Board showing exchange rates of foreign currencies. Draft amendments published on the website of the regulator.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The Central Bank intends to prohibit financial institutions to post information about courses offered to exchange currency outside space, including on electronic signs on buildings. A similar requirement is proposed to extend to panels, stands, banners and so on.

To find out the course, you will need to go inside the premises. Placing the boards on external walls, roofs and “other constructive elements of buildings, structures, constructions”, in which the Bank is located, or even outside, the Central Bank intends to prohibit.

The project controller will be available for public discussion, comments of the Central Bank will accept until March 1. In the case of adoption of the document may enter into force ten days after its official publication.

The Bank of Russia has not explained what has caused the intention to tighten the rules of informing of Bank customers on current foreign exchange rates.

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