The commander of the ISS for the first time in history will be a scientist

Elina Massimov

/ Press service of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov

Moscow, July 28 – AIF-Moscow.

A graduate of Moscow state University biologist is Sergei Ryazan will be the commander of the crew of the International space station on the evening of 28 July, was launched from the cosmodrome “Baikonur” on the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-05”.

The crew, under the leadership of the Ryazan conduct experiments with scientists of the Moscow state University of medicine and physics. This is the first flight in the history of Russian cosmonautics, which will lead the scientist, the press service of the University.

In particular, on Board the Russian segment of the ISS will experiment “Vector-MBI-1”, developed by a research team of the University under the leadership of its rector, academician Victor Sadovnichy. The objective of this experiment is to study the characteristics of vestibular stimulation in weightlessness, to determine the origin of the space motion sickness (motion sickness).

A record that is not broken. As the Russian doctor spent more than a year in space

On Board will be installed a special device that is able to adjust the activity of the vestibular apparatus. It is noted that the results of the experiment will help to create tools and methods for preflight vestibular training in the prevention of motion sickness.

In future missions it is planned to conduct space experiment “UV vibe” vysokoosmotichnyh for the study of phenomena that occur above the clouds. Also on the ISS will conduct the experiment under the guidance of the staff of the psychological Department of Moscow state University on studying of the dynamics of cognitive functions in astronauts in long-duration flight.

In September of this year in the Moscow state University opened a new Department of space studies. Recruitment will be conducted in four master’s programs: public administration in the space industry, methods and technologies of remote sensing, the physical conditions of outer space and the planning of space missions, intelligent technology of mixed reality for aerospace systems.

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