The Communist party commented on Putin’s words about the Lenin mausoleum

Moscow, January 15 – AIF-Moscow.

First Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov commented on the words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the Lenin mausoleum.

Lies and politics. The most common myths about Lenin’s Mausoleum

Recall that in an interview for the film “Balaam” the head of state compared communism with Christianity, and the body of Vladimir Lenin in the mausoleum with the relics of saints.

According to Melnikov, Putin’s words “smooth sharp corners” around the theme of the mausoleum.

“In this regard, the assessment of these theses can only be positive”, – quotes the representative of the party to RIA Novosti.

While millers did not agree with Putin’s words that the code of the Builder of communism “primitive is an excerpt from the Bible.” He stressed that the code “aims at building a just society here and now.”

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