The D. N. I. USA: North Korea is on the threshold of the nuclear club


Moscow, July 22 – AIF-Moscow.

Incident Warmbier. Will the death of American the reason for the attack on North Korea

The DPRK is on the verge of nuclear powers. This opinion was expressed by Director of national intelligence Daniel Coates on the security forum in aspen, answering the question of whether it is time to consider North Korea a member of the club of nuclear powers. His words leads RIA Novosti.

According to Coates, Pyongyang need to do some work to get into the club. However, they are very consistent in achieving this goal, he concluded. However, he noted that North Korea becomes a real threat to the United States.

With regard to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN, he is, according to the American N. I. is of the unusual type of people, but he’s not crazy, says Coates.

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