The defense Ministry denied reports about the attack on the airbase “Hamim»

Sergey Osipov

/ AiF

Moscow, 13 Feb – AIF-Moscow.

“We have no allies.”The answer of the Russian Federation in airstrike coalition against Assad’s army?

The Russian defense Ministry has denied recent media information about the shelling of the air base “Hamim” in Syria. As the press-service Agency, we are talking about today’s publication of RBC, which States that base 1 January 2018 was allegedly attacked by drones.

The defense Ministry called this material about, noting that neither the date nor the time of the attack, or method of its perpetration or the consequences are not true.

The report also notes that the author of this material has repeatedly published false information or speculation on the activities of the Ministry of defense of Russia, trying for authenticity, “to ascribe to their own conclusions separate military experts.”

“Chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” was, to put it mildly, surprised after our call, finding your comment in the RBC material about the alleged success of the “drone attacks” on the base Hamim 1 Jan. I want to emphasize that 1 January 2018 base worked as planned. No attacks, raids, or other incidents was not”, – stressed in the defense Ministry.

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