The deficit of the budget of the FIU in 2018 will grow by more than half

The labour Ministry has prepared amendments to the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). In 2018, the deficit of the Fund will increase by more than two times. It will be revised to 106.6 billion virtually any, laid down the law on the budget of the FIU, to 256,8 billion.


The projected income of the Fund will be less than reduced to 66.7 billion roubles, while expenditures will grow by 83.5 billion virtually any.

In a press-service of the Pension Fund told RBC that the deficit will increase by 2.4 times compared to the original forecast primarily due to a decrease in revenues from the Federal budget and increase expenses on payment of insurance pensions. According to amendments to the pension Fund budget, expenditures for pensions and social payments will be more to 171,4 billion. Revenues from the Federal budget will decrease by 68.3 billion virtually any.

“I take it that the increase of the deficit of the budget of the FIU is of a technical nature and in no way does not entail problems with pension payments”, — said the publication of the Deputy Director of the Institute for social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs Yuri Gorlin.

Recall that in 2014 the funded part of pensions in the Russian Federation is not formed. Contributions of working Russian citizens in the accumulative part of the pension allocated to the payment of pensioners. The Russian government has repeatedly promised to unfreeze the contributions, but instead, the moratorium was extended until 2020.

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