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Deputy Chairman-member of the management Board of Vnesheconombank Alexey Ivanchenko about the “factory business stars” and the chances of startups to become of national significance in the Russian economy of the future.

Irina Belova, “Aigi”: Alex, many Russians found out about the project and investment activities of the web from the show “a brilliant Idea”, which with great success was held on NTV channel in 2017. However, for many, was a revelation that VEB — Vnesheconombank — is actually not really a Bank.

Alexey Ivanchenko As VEB is a development institution. Unlike commercial banks, he focused on project financing. What is it? In respect of VEB”s activities in long-term financing large-scale, socially significant breakthrough for the economy of the regions projects. We plan to implement long-term investment with the new tool factory project financing. The first transaction factory will be signed at the Russian investment forum in Sochi.

A new and effective approach. VEB”s rebuilding work in the regions

— What is the principle of operation of this factory?

— The main idea – the syndicated financing of projects involving public subsidies and government guarantees on bonds. Why is doing exactly the VEB Bank? This is a rather long projects within the factory period of its implementation can be up to 20 years. It is also important that the borrower’s funding was relatively inexpensive. We, as a development Bank launched this mechanism, in fact, shape a culture of project financing in Russia. VEB”s participation in financing makes the project more attractive for other traditional categories of investors (including and banks), which are connected in the following steps. And for each rouble which EBV produces through the factory and syndication, we obtained virtually any 3-4 from private investors to the financing of projects of the real economy. The regulatory framework for financing factory project already exists: it is, first and foremost, the law on syndication signed President Vladimir Putin at the end of 2017.

— Almost like “star factory”…

— Actually it is. “Factory of project financing” is essentially the same “star factory”, not just in show business, and in building the Russian economy of the future. We select the “star” projects that give the maximum effect for the regional economy, implementation of innovative technologies, development of infrastructure, industry high value added. Next, we act as the operator of the process: conduct a comprehensive and thorough examination of projects, look for and attract investors for further funding. In General, contribute to the birth of a new business star.

Start for startups. The winner of the show about innovations will receive 25 million virtually any

More detailed

— It’s very similar to what happened on the show “a brilliant Idea”!

— Quite true. VEB is not only the initiator of this television show, but also creates opportunities for the implementation of breakthrough project Economics.

— Where did the idea for such a show?

In our country many talented people, inventors, entrepreneurs. On the one hand, it is necessary to support them. On the other hand to promote their work. To develop innovation became prestigious and respected activities attractive to young people. So our guys have seen — you do not need to leave Russia to get the opportunity to engage with science and technology development. And, in the end, to get the country out of their heroes in person. I think we got it. The show was watched by millions of viewers, it’s a lot of positive feedback on the transmission. The winners received substantial prizes, 15, 20 and 25 million virtually any for further development. Its assistance to projects provided and third-party investors and the audience. That’s great. And we intend to continue.

— Will there be a second season of “million dollar Idea” to be something different from the first?

— A few days ago we announced the beginning of a new applications from start-UPS to participate in the project. And this time we decided to focus on the development of innovations in regions of Russia. Can apply for a startup from every corner of our country.

In addition, the new season will be prepared by independent, online version of “a million Ideas”. It will be separate editions, designed for more narrow and specific audience — professionals in the field of investment, the business community, startups themselves.

Connecting link. Started the 4th wave of the selection of regional managers of the VEB

— Search and selection of “best of the best” — this seems to be your signature “thing.”Take the project for the selection of representatives of the Bank in regions. Why is it done?

— The model selection of the regional managers absolutely unique, we have focused on finding experts on the ground. They know their regions, know what projects will be needed and proactively busy with their search, have an impeccable business reputation. And this approach to the selection of regional managers as efficient as possible. Indicative of the organizers of such large-scale competition as “leaders of Russia” used a similar multilevel approaches to search for the “stars” in the regions from all corners of our country. We seek and find leaders. VEB has received hundreds of applications from across the country within the previous three “appeals”. In the end, the team included 80 managers of the 51 subject of the Russian Federation.

We have now launched the fourth wave of our regional representatives — applications will be accepted until 21 February. Why are we doing this? In order to effectively replenish the loan portfolio of VEB investment projects, which is much more efficient and easier to do. Regional managers are not included in the state of Vnesheconombank, they work under contract and remuneration get the results of your activities. That is, they are interested in how to find, evaluate, and present as many projects that meet the strategy of the Bank, in their cities and regions. The opportunity to influence the development of their region — a powerful motivation.

— And already there are first results of their activities?

— Yeah. For four months our regional managers have proposed more than 140 projects. 30 of them have already applied for funding through our specialized online platform, nine underwent initial assessment of the regional representatives and the web.

— That is, significant potential for development, Vnesheconombank sees it in Russia’s regions?

— Of course, 90% of Vnesheconombank”s projects implemented in the regions. In the framework of the Russian investment forum VNESHECONOMBANK and the Agency for strategic initiatives sign memorandums of cooperation with 20 regions of the Russian Federation. The next step is training, formation and organization of inflow to breakthrough for the economy of each of the regions projects. This projects within the factory, project financing, and implementation of industry solutions to the web. A wide spectrum of industries: high-technology projects in aerospace, transport and energy infrastructure.

Winners of the “Award of development”, called on the Russian investment forum in Sochi

— What projects have received your “Prize development”?

“The development award” is a recognition at the highest level. During the Russian investment forum of the laureates of the competition were awarded Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov. The winners were determined in five categories, all projects are unique. The prize in the nomination “Best innovative startup of the year” went to the team of the project “IRobot” system of Autonomous control in agriculture. The company “Transholding” became the winner in nomination “the Best infrastructural project”. Talking about the purchase of wagons for the Moscow metro. The award for “Best project in industries” received the representatives of JSC “Autodiesel” (Yaroslavl motor plant) for the production of a new engine family. The winner in the nomination “the Best project in the digital economy” was the project “SmartSeeds — they have created an it platform for automating transportation of goods. “Best export” project is the delivery to the United Arab Emirates Russian high-tech equipment for oil production, it has implemented the company JSC “Novomet-Perm”.

This prize since 2012, is awarded for contributions to the socio-economic development of the country. There is a chance to get her is those companies who actively participated in the implementation of nationally important investment programs and projects. And each of them changes our lives for the better.

— Is there a chance those projects that are now looking for, investigate and evaluate your representatives in the regions, ever win in this competition?

Certainly. Chance today, there are those startups who intend to participate in the show “a brilliant Idea”. I would say that the chance is there for everyone who is interested in science, who believes in the development and leadership of Russia, and is ready to work for the future of their country.

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