The Event Must Be. Moscow will host the Russian forum of sales 2018

A landmark event — forum in the trading world — will be held for the fifth time. Not only is it the meeting place for Russian businessmen, but also a major educational and communication platform in the sphere of sales.

Wide interest

To participate in the forum will be more than a thousand people. It is planned that the event will be attended by representatives of more than 900 companies. Before the event guests will make their reports more than 40 people.

Owners and executives will get answers to questions about how should look an effective sales system, which can balance and that can increase profits. Commercial Directors and heads of marketing departments will be able to study principles of construction, development and automation of various processes in the sales field. The sellers will become familiar with efficient techniques for carrying out negotiations and presentations, and learn how to work with key clients.

Own boss. How to become an individual entrepreneur

Speakers of the event

Talk on the forum on different topics relevant, exciting and interesting entrepreneurs. Among the speakers who will Express their point of view, are:

  • Sergey Azimov — the man who is rated the best business coaches in the country
  • Eugene Kolotilov — business coach in sales, wrote 9 books
  • Vadim Dozortsev — entrepreneur and founder of a successful company
  • Eugene Gigili — business consultant and business coach
  • Nicholas Rysev — business coach and author of books on sales and management

The forum program

The event will be rich in different events. For example, here with the audience will share the best ideas from around the world will be a sectoral section market leaders will be held closed VIP chat where you can be informal chat and more.

For the first time will be used the format of the event, as the speech of two speakers in parallel in two halls. In the Congress hall will host a panel discussion, business battles and show lectures. In the Hall of the master classes will be held trainings and workshops. At the end it will be possible to ask all interesting questions. At the end of the first day all guests will have an unforgettable Networking Night.

The whole event will be streamed online, so you will have to visit the forum, it is not physically present. To register for the webcast at the link: It will be a nice bonus — the selection of the best speeches last year.

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