The expert explained how to avoid resort fees in Russia

From may 1, 2018 government of a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation will start to charge the so-called resort fee from tourists who wished to come to him for rest. Representatives of tourist business of Russia are sounding the alarm, and politicians predict them prosperity and propose a new tax for tourists.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The regions have already decided on the amount of the resort fee. Next summer to spend a single day in the Crimea, people will have to pay from 25 to 35 virtually any. But Sevastopol can be visited for free. In the hero-city has decided that additional taxes will not benefit, especially in conditions of intense competition with Turkey.

Krasnodar region will take virtually any 20-30 tourists a day, and Altai Krai — 30 virtually any, but only on the territory of the city-resort of Belokurikha. From 30 to 50 virtually any will have to take in the Stavropol region, Caucasian mineral water resorts.

Local authorities expect that the resort fee will bring in a budget of millions, which will improve tourist infrastructure, and business representatives, in particular, “Support of Russia” believe that tourists will be significantly less…

Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia Ilya Umansky said, who can collect the fee. And what good is he.

“The resort fee will be charged only when stopping in boarding houses and hotels when you register. But, according to various estimates, up to 80% of tourists vacationing on the Black sea, stopping in the so-called private sector, which is treated as a room at grandma and private hotel with a hundred rooms, decorated in the form of a private household. It is clear that these people anyone to register and will not list the resort fee, too, will not. Only 20% of tourists staying in large hotel complexes, which is clearly insufficient to achieve the stated objectives.

Neither the voice of business, nor public associations were not heeded. I am confident that no representative of the tourism industry not happy with this decision”.

Meanwhile, the visitors are afraid that the collection will start to charge and grandmothers, and beach staff. Just the money they will go into the pocket and not on the development of the industry.

By the way, representatives of the Russian Parliament is not going to stop there. As stated on Tuesday, a member of the Federation Council from the Altai Republic Vladimir Poletaev, the country also needs to introduce a recreation fee, which will range from 30 to 50 virtually any per day. The politician proposes to extend it to the Mountain Altai, Buryatia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Golden ring of Russia. The purpose of the new levies is still the same: raising funds to repair and upgrade recreational infrastructure of the receiving party.

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