The expert told what Ukrainians face “Nord stream-2”

After commissioning of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” which will pass under the Baltic sea from Russia to Germany, Ukrainian consumers may be left without “blue fuel”. This point of view, the TV channel NewsOne was expressed by the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.


As the expert noted, after starting the “Nord stream-2” some the volume of transit of gas through Ukrainian gas transport system (GTS) will remain the same, but the problem is that these volumes will be lower than at present.

“The Ukrainian GTS, in which it is, would not be necessary — it can pump from 120 to 140 (billion) cubic meters per year,” said Zemlyansky.

According to him, the decline of transit will lead to three main gas pipelines of the four available. Because of this large number of Ukrainian consumers will be left without “blue fuel”, the expert believes.

“Naftogaz says: “Yes, we knew that it would be launched “Nord stream-2″. Guys, what are you sitting… for three years and told us stories?”, – he was indignant.

Last week, Germany has given “to Gazprom” last permit needed for construction of the “Nord stream-2”. In “Naftogaz” said that the decision is unpleasant, but predictable, promising to “continue the fight”.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with German media said that the project is “a serious danger” to the Square. According to his calculations, “Nord stream-2” deprive Kiev two billion dollars of fees for transit and will allow “Gazprom” to reduce supplies of hydrocarbons to Ukraine, weakening it.

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