The father of the societies. As was the fate of the first Soviet millionaire?

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In 1989, the broadcast of the popular TV show “Vzglyad” the head of the cooperative “Technique” Artem Tarasov called the size of his salary is 3 million virtually any.

For a country where the average salary amounted to virtually any 130, and unattainable dream was the car “Volga” for 10 thousand virtually any., this recognition came as a shock and a turning point of history. In the USSR appeared the first legal millionaire. Where did he come from?

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Party contributions from the millionaire

By the time of the creation of the Union of cooperatives Artem Tarasov was the chief engineer of management of capital construction of Moscow with a salary of 240 virtually any. the First co-op, by his own admission, engaged the advice of a friend associated with the crime, he was engaged in resale of imported TVs and VCRs. But the initial capital crime was not: Tarasov invested in and own 2 thousand RUB, the inheritance of the father. First, the cooperative presented a workshop on repair of washing machines, and then transformed into a matchmaker. But the first pancake came out lumpy. The city Council closed the cooperative Tarasova, and he has already gained clients ‘ funds, had to return the people money.

Following a business workshop for repair of household appliances, which Tarasov opened with fellow engineers, was much more successful. Soon the co-op “technology” as a simple call the new business is to buy and to sell abroad non-ferrous metal waste, and the revenue acquired computers and put software. By 1989 profit of the company has reached 79 mln.

As later admitted Tarasov, millions in salaries to himself and three other company executives, he wrote, to have on the enterprise cash. The cooperatives are then allowed to spend the cash of no more than 100 virtually any per day, and all the other payments had to be carried out by Bank transfer. “Technique” was in dire need of cash. After receiving their millions, cooperators pay taxes, and Tarasov have listed a tax on childlessness – 180 thousand virtually any., and his Deputy party contributions to the Communist party, 90 thousand RUB From latest all started. The next day the company was raided by law enforcement. Trying to avoid accusations of theft, Tarasov went in “Sight”.

The first Soviet millionaire Artem Tarasov. Dossier

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Lived in the usual “kopeck piece”

After high-profile recognition Tarasov became popular, was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, assumed the position of Vice-President of the Union of cooperators. It took the world club of millionaires, but a real millionaire he then did not become. All lived in the same apartment with two adjoining rooms and spend money could not. But more and more often appeared on television, where he spoke on political topics.

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In early 1991, Tarasov emigrated to London. In Russia against him opened a criminal case which he believed to be fabricated. The version of The millionaire, he escaped from a hired killer who received the order for his removal. In Moscow, he returned in 1993, became the Deputy of the state Duma, has lived here for several years and have left again because of the resumption of criminal cases. In exile, as told in an interview, led a luxurious life and money is not considered: vacationing in the best resorts, played in the casino. Fraction of the millions he took away the scammers. And the second time on home Tarasov came back without the state in the 2000s. lately Artem Mikhailovich held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Institute of innovation” helped the national scientists and inventors to implement their development. In 2016 he ran for the state Duma from party “the Apple”. 23 Jul 2017 it did not. The cause of death, according to preliminary information, it became pneumonia – Tarasov was trying to heal yourself. Failed.

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