The fear of popular discontent: a tax holiday will be extended until 2020

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation decided to extend the tax holiday until December 31, 2019 for nannies, Tutors and housekeepers. The zero tax rate for self-employed, whose number in the country is close to 20 million people, focused on the conclusion of the shadow of billions of dollars of income from which in the budget is not a penny. The population was asked to inform the Federal tax service (FTS) about their not-quite-legal activities. Over the past year such a “tempting” offer I used only 936 people.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In 2017 self-employed citizens ranked designers, taxi drivers, photographers, translators, nannies, builders and representatives of other professions that are not issued individual entrepreneurship. However, three areas of activity have been isolated from a number of other. For Tutors, nannies and caregivers the government has introduced tax breaks that allowed not to pay taxes on income earned in the years 2017-2018. To activate this right, citizens must voluntarily register with the FTS. Now these concessions are expected to continue until 2020.

The Ministry stated that the tax break has not led to the expected result. According to the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin, in order to bring the self-employed of the informal sector, we need to shift to transactional taxes: the income is the percentage of goes on, there is no profit — the obligation is removed. With the proposal of the Ministry of economic development does not agree, the labor Minister Maxim Topilin. Effective measure, he said, is a simple fixed payment: “to be able to do it simultaneously — say, once a year”.

Offered today favorable conditions for the self-employed had no interest. According to the tax authorities by 1 January 2018 on registration rose less than a thousand citizens. Those 936 people, who spoke on his activities to the tax — fraction of the total number of those working “in the black”. According to representatives of the Ministry of Finance, some of the people who have put themselves on record in FTS, are those citizens who just changed his status of an individual entrepreneur (IE) for self-employed to avoid paying taxes.

The opinions of experts, who should be considered self-employed vary. If we take only those who have no other legally issued work, they are about 12-16 million people. And if self-employed include those who work somewhere in the workbook and at the same time freelancing, the number is much larger.

“In our society there is such a situation that people do not want to voluntarily pay taxes and register with the FTS. The consequences of the 1990-ies, when the population was allowed to float freely, and said “earn as you want” — said the Director of the Center for socio-political monitoring, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa Andrew Departing. As a result, according to him, almost half of the population of Russia went to the shadow economy. “Someone in time does not pay taxes, they do not pay. In a country tolerance of evasion. It formed low level of legal culture”, — the expert believes.

The extension of the grace period, in his opinion, means that the Finance Ministry still hopes that people will be drawn to register with the FTS, but the interlocutor of “MK” in this doubt. “Not quite understand the actions of the Department. The Ministry of Finance does not expand the list of activities that should be attributed to preferential categories of self-employed and not talking about what will happen after people sign up to the tax office and when in 2020, preferential tax period will end”, — summed up the Departing.

First Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal believes that an effective way the conclusion of the shadow will become the light of all without exception self-employed people “to identify their financial capacity and establishing a specific tax percentage for everyone.”

But there is a serious obstacle. “Such people are very difficult to identify”, — told the “MK” analyst Ivan kapustyasky Forex Optimum. And the extension of tax holidays due to the upcoming political event. “Ahead of the presidential election, perhaps this factor also plays a role, — the expert believes. — On the eve of the main event in 2018, the government does not want to provoke popular discontent”.

Investment analyst, Global FX Ivan Karyakin convinced that the way out of the situation — the legalization of self-employed and their certification and licenses or patents.

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