The fight against tax fraud has reached a new level

On 18 December the Supreme court officially abolished the “Party of tax-payers” (NDP), founded by a seasoned advocate different ways of tax evasion Jevgenijs Sivkova. The offender faces charges of having links with organized crime groups (OCG), as well as in money laundering. Sivkova suspected of creating an entire cult under the motto “the modern tax system of Russia “evil”. By the way, to listen to the lecture speaker, “fun” is not cheap. The former party leader praised their professionalism in 25 thousand roubles, “the nose”: that’s the price of admission to the seminar in Moscow. If to speak about the provincial cities, the unsuspecting residents went to these lectures as sessions to medium.

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One of the reasons for liquidation of the party was ignoring the requirements of justice. Every three years, each political party is required to provide information about its actual performance, including data on the number of members. Since the founding of the NDP, namely in 2012, the leadership of the Association has never complied with this requirement. In fact, the party ceased to be such, may 16, 2017. Ignoring the law and the boycott of the NDP requests of regulatory authorities — evidence that the party Evgeny Sivkov – ordinary falshifka.

Note that the work of the founder and leader of the “party of tax-payers” competent authorities have followed closely for several years. Sivkov called themselves, not only as “chief tax consultant” and gave no free advice on tax optimization.

Implemented a “consultant” its illegal activities is not one. He actively helped the co-founder of panorama Elena Udalova, which is suspected of tax evasion and laundering of funds in favor of the interests of OPG Primorski Krai where has the respect and Evgeny Sivkov.

Udalova is the founder of two Moscow companies, which are spreading through the shops of the city of Ussuriysk alcoholic beverages. It is obvious that trade of goods was illegal. It is difficult to believe that companies that are small businesses, for the period from 2014 to 2017 were transferred to their accounts more than $ 1.8 billion. There is speculation that part of this amount is related to the activities of the OPG Primorski Krai.

And that’s not all of the fraudulent scheme, which involved the head of the liquidated pnrm. Law enforcement agencies have found that by Sivkova there was organized a “sect” operating under the slogan “against the current tax system.” The man taught the methods of how to deviate from paying taxes and not get caught doing it. With it, he taught this “science” to both adults and school-age children.

Moreover: Evgeniy Sivkov published printed literature and conducted paid seminars, urging people to rise up against the current Russian Tax code, which, according to him, was created with the support of American advisers. It got to the point that the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Anatoly Elected addressed to the militiamen with the request to check the activities of the leader of the NDP for the presence of signs of extremism.

However, despite the fact that the Supreme court abolished the NDP and declared the party illegal, Evgeniy Sivkov continues to perform under its auspices. Only in the second half of December, the “tax consultant” is scheduled 7 seminars on how to evade taxes. The price — 25 thousand virtually any. This is the sum Sivakov appreciated the significance of his speech. Not spared the scammer and regions, touring there with his lectures. True, not always successfully. In particular, in November the landlords simply refused to provide a questionable “counselor” rooms in Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl. But in some other places after his speech appealed to the citizens to law enforcement: as a result of the advice they, as it turned out, did not save, but spend the extra money.

Abolishing pseudopolitical organization Sivkova, the Supreme court showed the population that the activities of the “Party of tax-payers” is akin to the infamous pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi, which operated in the 90-ies. At that time in the “lime” command a lot of Russians, which this time should not happen.

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