The Finance Ministry has forbidden to bet against Putin: bookmakers only “for”

The bookmakers banned from taking bets on the outcome of the election and referendum held in Russia. The relevant draft law developed by the Ministry of Finance. This Agency offers betting on the outcome of elections in other countries write in the legal field. However, as noted by the bookies to accept bets on elections, the result of which is clearly known they would not, and without restrictions of Finance.

photo: Marat Abulhasan

Amendments from the Ministry of Finance konkretisiert that the betting shops of bookmaker”s offices and betting houses betting in which the outcome of risk-based agreements of winning depends solely on events that may occur or not to occur during the following activities: sports, racing of horses on racecourses, entertainment events, and “the results of voting, results of elections, referenda in the period of the respective election campaigns and results and events which are otherwise connected with elections, a referendum”.

However, the Ministry has prescribed in his bill, the limitation “excluding the results of voting, results of elections, referenda in the period of the respective election campaigns and the referendum campaign, conducted in the Russian Federation, result or event that is otherwise associated with such elections”.

Thus, the Ministry of Finance does not prohibit the Russians to make, betting on the outcome of elections in other countries.

However, according to bookmaker Sergei Chertkov, an initiative of the Department of weather, at least in the next presidential election, will not do. “No bookmaker will not accept bets on the match, the result is known in advance. Same with the election, how can we take bets on elections, the result of which is obvious to all? In addition, there is no secret that this election will occupy the second, third and subsequent places. Now this topic is enough insider information”, — says “MK” to the bookie.

That the election results are a foregone conclusion, no doubt, and the political scientist, the leader of the movement “New Russia” Nikita Isaev. However, according to the expert, if the last presidential race, no there was no plot at all, now suddenly there was a buzz around the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina. “Of course, everyone understood the final results of the elections, but the interest around the new shape support very carefully. So, theoretically, there is a chance of occurrence of a tote on the subject. And then — a statement about the ban, too, can be part of a program to increase interest in the elections. People say the competition is, that even taking bets. Although in reality no competition, of course not,” says Isaev.

According to the analyst, comes to mind the analogy around the fight against Smoking, when officials stated that “Smoking is only for adults”. “Then you will not understand that it is a veiled promotion of Smoking among children (well, one of them doesn’t want to look adult?). So here,” — says Nikita Isaev, and advises all interested “to read between the lines” restrictive amendments of the Ministry of Finance.

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