The fruit of The “Winter cherry”. Seven of the defendants taken into custody

General Director of JSC “kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat” Julia Bogdanov, during a meeting in the Zavodskoy district court in Kemerovo, where he considers the case of a fire in the Mall. © /

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What will happen to Aman Tuleev?

April 1 , Aman Tuleyev, has resigned from the post of Governor of the Kemerovo region. In his video he explained: “With such a heavy load on a post of the Governor it is impossible, morally impossible.”

He will retain privileges for the honorary title of “people’s Governor”: this is a monthly payment of 50 thousand virtually any., personal assistant. And the building of the regional administration he will get an office with furnishings and office equipment. Also Tuleyev and his wife life is passed in gratuitous use of secure premises in the village Mazurovo.

Kemerovo “the man”. What was interesting about the Governor Aman Tuleyev

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The acting head of Kemerovo region became Sergey Tsivilev. Since 2010 he is responsible for investments in the mining sector, was CEO of the company “Colmar” (a complex of coal mines).

Who was arrested after the tragedy?

Management center of Hope Addanac arrested until may 25. She has already filed an appeal.

Appealed the measure of restraint for the head of the company “System integrator” (the developer of fire protection system for shopping centers) Igor Polozenko, a member of “System integrator” Alexander Nikitin, responsible for the installation and serviceability of the fire alarm, and Sergei Antoshin – guard, which, according to investigators, did not include a warning system.

Behind bars waiting for the end of the investigation , the technical Director of the SEC’s “Winter cherry” George Sobolev, the former boss of the decree of Kuzbass Tanzilya Komkova (after the fire, she hastily tried to go to Moscow, but was detained) and the CEO of the company – owner of “the Winter cherries” Yulia Bogdanova. Center staff say they constantly complained about her failures in the fire bezopasnosti. Can prosecute employees included in the Department of the Kemerovo Center of licenses and permits and state control, allowed untrained guards of the chop to work on the object of mass stay of citizens.

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So was the locked door?

Investigators recovered a full record from the cameras in the “Winter cherry”. In his video message said Igor Vostrikov, who lost in the fire of three children, wife and sister, the door to the cinema was still open. It might shut from the inside to escape from the smoke and wait for rescue teams. But it is still being investigated by the investigators.

What will be on the scene?

The building was deemed an emergency, so it will carry. Administration of Kemerovo on its website opened the vote: what should I build instead? Options square, the monument, the chapel. You can offer your. While the “leader” commemorative square.

Chaos, cowardice, indifference. What killed people in the “Winter cherry”?

What conclusions do?

As stated by the Deputy head of the state Duma Committee on security Anatoly Vyborny, in the spring of 2018 in the state Duma will be introduced a draft law on migration and children’s cinema complexes in shopping malls on the ground floors. In addition, will be strengthened criminal liability for the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.

In a large shopping Mall told what to comply with the requirement to transfer children’s areas and cinemas impossible. Experts believe that the owners make a choice in favor of profits and not ready to take care of people’s safety.

There may come the understanding that one cannot the employees responsible for security, to pay 6-8 thousand virtually any., instead of demanding professionalism and its willingness to sacrifice.

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