The intrigue of the championship of Russia in gymnastics in Kazan: Mustafina is back

Kazan fell in love with gymnastics for the second time in a row, extends a warm welcome to the athletes, holding the championship of Russia. Arthur Dalaloyan decided not to rewrite history and won the mens personal all-around as last year. Angelina Melnikova confirmed that she is today the strongest mnogoborya (angelina Simakova second was Victoria Komova — third). But the real star of the last two Olympic cycles — Aliya Mustafina, returned to the dais. And this is not the case when you return — a bad omen. Mustafin tries to force on home turf, and then to cheer up everyone in the championship.


The championship of Russia in gymnastics in Kazan is the first stage of check of the leading gymnasts before the European championship in August. First start for the now officially returned to the podium Aliya Mustafina. The first test of the Russian platform for the Ukrainian, then English titled Oleg Stepko, who received a new nationality, and 15‑year-old Irina Alexeyeva, who grew up in America. And, most importantly, in the first season, but a serious reckoning trainers: who of athletes this year will have on the world championship team to win a license for Tokyo 2020?

Two-time Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina last summer gave birth to her daughter Alice in September, has resumed training for a “Round”. The control training of the national team before departure to Kazan adrenaline, by his own admission athletes, covered her head, even a little strangled.

— Crazy adrenaline experienced, not even remember when that was the last time, — says Aliya. — A bit heavy, but still nice to go back — I do what I want, and not for anyone else, but yourself, is just a joy. And I really was shaking — hands, feet, head! But the most unusual, I couldn’t have this crank in the desired direction to direct. I know that I’m needed in the team, it helps me, gives an incentive, it’s even easier to work with. Not scary, not — without guile. Adrenaline flashed at the checking exercise, and in Kazan the main goal is not to monitor the estimates, and to remember the basics and starts to learn again to speak. After a short warm-up or competition, and no, this is not a drill. Kazan for me — the beginning of the future.

The first day of release on the platform over to aliyah and her team of “Moscow‑1” victory (Trykina, Spiridonova, Perebinossoff, Zubov and Simakova). Second place went to the team of the Central Federal district (Melnikov, Komova, Goldinova, Butylkina, Elizarova and Borodino). “Moscow‑2” became the bronze medalist (Tutkhalyan, Artemova, Shokhin, Gazeeva, Kochetkova and Gorbatov).

Returns to the dais and titled Viktoria Komova. Says in a great mood, previous years have taught not to give up.

— Not all always work, but it’s my choice. I go back today for a couple of years ago — would change the approach to training. And emotional control. To be angry, and to fly from the hall wailing “never again will I come” is the most simple. Today, if I can’t do something, I would a hundred times to do this item tomorrow. Come in and say to myself: I can. How often do I pay? Sometimes, but rarely. Calm down and come back to finish the item.

Argues that a very different attitude to training today and angelina Melnikova.

— You know, sometimes I remember the Olympics when a photo comes across somewhere. But they’re far. In Brazil I was different, almost not me. I guess I just grew up — both in life and in the gym. Arthur Dalaloyan, winning in the individual all-around on the same platform of Kazan last year, reiterated the success (in second place, David Belyavsky, the third — Vladislav Polyashov). And they did it beautifully. Arriving to Kazan directly from Japan with the world Cup, proved that he has the most serious intentions on the major events of the season.

“Return to Kazan, and so it wanted to see — it was important to exceed last year’s result, says Arthur. — I was able to do many of the things I had planned, managed to get through both days without falling. More will be added in complexity on the parallel bars and horizontal bar. And the season expecting only the best. We will qualify a team to the Games. Will do our best.

And today’s last championship of Russia in Kazan to compare all do not. In 2017 it was a start after the Olympic games, and now the very meaning of the competition is a bit different: you need to try out new combinations. And to understand “myself” all, then to not got error. Summer Cup of Russia will be already qualifying for the championship of Europe and the world.

The hardest thing for me today is nutrition. The out of control — can’t keep a diet for a long period of time. Cope with Gorom two weeks, then the failure is to lose weight. No, not hamburgers I love, just there are people who are inclined to be overweight, and someone sweeps everything. For me, even pasta at lunch can go to the junk projectiles kilogram, you need strictly to keep… Salad, rice, boiled in the evening — a lonely piece of fish in the morning — a bit of porridge. So skudnenko and kill! Not for nothing, it turns out…”

The long-term leader of the team and team captain David Belyavsky before the championship of Russia was surprised by my question, how often he thinks about the fact that the titles do not give margin for error. “Stand in awe of the medals? Why I have no right for mistake: we are all athletes, we all make mistakes. Now, most importantly is a team medal at the world Championships, qualify for the Olympic games. And think about it first.

The championship of Russia in Kazan last year and this, of course, you don’t. Very different competitions. After the Olympics, I rested for six months, so only two shells did not fully ready. And now with the updated programs come out on the bars and on the horse, anywhere else they were not performed”.

And the winner of the team tournament in Kazan was the team of “Moscow‑1” (Dalaloyan, Lankin, Nagorny, Kasyanov, Kishkinev, Khegay) in all exercises showed the result 333,15 points. Second place went to the team of the Central Federal district (Palashov, Rostov, Prokopiev, Kibartas, Krivanec, Kuksenkov), the third — gymnasts of the Volga Federal district (Chicherov, Ablazin, Yuskaev, the Elderly, Pleshkin, Belyavsky).

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