The labor Minister spoke of the need to take demographic measures

Valery Khristoforov

/ AiF

Moscow, 19 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

The number of women of childbearing age in Russia in 2035 will decrease by 28%, reports TASS with reference to the head of Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin.

To give birth today. Putin announced measures to support families with children in 2018

The corresponding statement he made at a forum of the Russian popular front “Russia looking into the future”.

The Minister also noted that the birth rate in the near future will not lead to population growth, however, to take the demographic measures required. Topilin offered to pay attention to migration and the reduction of mortality in the country.

According to the speaker, the birth rate Russia is “in a very good situation in relation to the developed European countries”, whereas in terms of mortality, “we are at the level of non-European countries”.

If in the short term will not be able to reduce the mortality rate of up to 1.5 million people per year, results from the point of view of natural increase will not, said the Minister.

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