The last pre-election gift to Putin: the pros and cons of the tax Amnesty

One of the most unexpected places in the pre-election televised press conference of Vladimir Putin — is a proposal to conduct a tax Amnesty. For individuals, that is citizens of the Russian Federation and, consequently, voters.


The President, the current and most likely future, he immediately appreciated the scope of the Amnesty: “These debts relate to, God forbid memory, where 42 million people. And the total amount of the debt of 41 billion. Maybe someone will swear at me of my liberal opponents. But I think we need to liberate people from these payments. And to do this you need to be as debureacratization way, without recourse person in the tax inspection”. The Amnesty needs to get tax debtors — individual entrepreneurs: “you Need to do the same for individual entrepreneurs. It is also approximately 15 billion virtually any. And it concerns about three million people and 2.9 million people. People started work, started a business. Something did not happen. And the taxes on it all earned and accrued. We must liberate these people from the payments of this kind.” Proposed Amnesty, thus, can affect almost 45 million people, it is proposed to write off debts amounting to 56 billion virtually any. Amendments to the Tax code to write off debts of individual entrepreneurs on social contributions has already prepared the Ministry of Finance.

What do these numbers mean? The state (not to creditors — banks, microfinance institutions, etc.) owed by every third resident of Russia, including the newly born babies. That’s a lot. Although the average, this time including individual entrepreneurs who owed less than 1300 virtually any, it all mentioned Putin “accruals”. Tax compliance, therefore, is not Russia’s main virtue, but the average value of the “spade” is small.

What’s the point of Amnesty? Politics is always a choice, in this case, there is a choice in favor of, on the one hand, common sense. Overdue debts to the budget at the moment is definitely lost, and their possible future recovery may require comparable costs.

On the other hand, there are signs of populism. It is precisely this aspect says Putin, when he mentions “abuse” of the “liberal opponents”. Populism in the fact that the President is “for the people” and liberal opponents — against. And optionally the execution of the laws. Legal culture in Russia discipline is optional, and here the head of state offers to close eyes to tax transgressions. All in keeping with a long historical tradition, as articulated by Saltykov-Shchedrin: “the Severity of Russian laws is softened by not having their performance”.

The most important question: why would such an Amnesty? Suggested answer — it’s the looming presidential election — needs to be clarified. Given the ratings of Vladimir Putin, his victory is practically no doubt. And it was not until the promised Amnesty for debtors with budget.

It is important to pay attention to something. In order not to demotivate the payment of taxes, such an Amnesty must remain single. And that the upcoming elections are rare, unless, of course, to proceed from the fact that the tandem of succession had already left and that in the next six years, the Constitution again helpful not updated? The presidential elections in 2018 — the last for Vladimir Putin. So this is the first of his farewell gifts.

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