The lure of trading. To resist or succumb?

Who starts?

This before our people feared the stock or currency markets, now other times. Many people understand that working at these sites can bring good income. But beginner’s luck in casinos, and even then not always. To try yourself in a completely unfamiliar area where they speak a completely incomprehensible slang (if you listen to the TV financial analysts), you need to start something to learn.

Who are these fearless people who say, “why not?”

The Institute of trading and investment, “Phoenix”, they always have, because here, in addition to the regular training programmes, offers free start-up program. This introduction to trading and especially the functioning of the stock and currency markets.

What is the Dow Jones?

“The programme is designed for those who just want to try myself in this field. Three lectures a day, plus an overview of the market — which is now a favorable situation, as it can be used. And people for two weeks understand whether he should take more seriously”, — says the head of the Institute Irina Kaverina.

The average face of the listener such courses, as explained in the Institute looks like. Are people over 30, mostly men, but a quarter of the course are women. They usually have a higher education. And oddly enough, not only in mathematics, physics or Economics. Come even humanitarians.

Sometimes after a job loss people are looking for a new and independent field of activity, sometimes want to change occupation or are considering trading as an opportunity to make extra money.

Sometimes that comes “prepared” — already picked up their own knowledge in this area. These, of course, I believe that courses for beginners they do not need. However, they are strongly encouraged to start with them because of knowledge like a lot, but there is no system.

However, there is another category of students — students. But this is a special story. Within 5 years, “Phoenix” wins tenders at MSU, and faculty of the Institute give the optional 3-carnicom of the Economics course “Financial markets: a view of the professionals.”

The language of the birds or human?

Day trading, demo depot, scalping, trailing… what is the language of traders?

“For the virgin ears of a beginner it’s hard to understand — smiles Irina Kaverina. — So we try to provide information in plain language. When clear, it is not difficult. Here, for example, the commonplace term trend. It’s just a direction. And immediately it is clear”.

The courses, according to her observations, there is a “quantum leap” in the minds of listeners. What previously seemed incomprehensible, is suddenly very simple. And slang, which is not digested, it suddenly becomes as clear as “La Pedrera soap frame”.

Who and how to make the Forex market?

And gradually in the external market chaos people begin to notice patterns. Actually, this is the purpose of training is to learn to see them. And then you can understand how the situation will develop. Do not wait for news, and know where the price will go. The news is under that. Here, for example, recently collapsed cryptocurrency. Yes, technically that was news contributed to this — and the Bank of Cathay, and from the world Bank. But technically, speak at the Institute of trading and investment, it was predictable. The market is only waiting for a reason.

“Mathematics of motion specified. And events that, it seems, are the catalysts for turning, swivel, or other process, as if they are embedded in there” — explains the head of the Institute.

For the money or for themselves?

The people from this area talk about the market, like the characters in “Solaris” on a reasonable Ocean. Those who are long immersed in it, believes the market model of human society. Irina Kaverina, who works in the financial markets since 2003, absolutely convinced.

What’s more, it sees that the market identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the person — what contributes to success and what hinders the development. Thus, it provides an opportunity not only to earn but also to understand himself.

“If you make the right conclusions, are changed for the better, she says. For example, I had previously allowed myself to be late. Think, well, what’s wrong with that… And in the financial market late — missed the news and not earned, that is lost money. Concluded that self-discipline in life helps to achieve much better results. Taking any decision, begin to assess it as any transaction in the market: pros, cons, what can cause each of the possible actions. And it gives the result!”

Aware is the students who come to startup courses? Of course not. To them it will come later…

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