The media learned about the claims to India because of the US military on the Russian submarine

India allowed the US Navy on a submarine Chakra, leased from Moscow, in Russia it is considered “unfriendly act”, told “Kommersant” sources in Moscow. Russia has a lot of questions to India, they added

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Russia suspects the India that is made on a nuclear submarine, which new Delhi is leased under a lease agreement in Moscow, representatives of naval forces of the United States which violates the terms of the lease, the newspaper “Kommersant”. About the incident of 7 November also wrote the English military Strategy portal Page: under the terms of the lease agreement, aboard the submarine Chakra should be a naval officer, whose tasks, in particular, is the prevention of such incidents. Source of information the portal is not indicated.

Some interlocutors of “Kommersant” in the Russian state institutions, told the newspaper about some “unfriendly acts” in relation to Moscow from new Delhi, one of them was this submarine. A senior military source confirmed the arrival of the Americans on Board the Chakra. A source involved in military-technical cooperation, said that among the American delegation was “well-trained technicians”. Another interlocutor of the newspaper, a top Manager of the enterprise of the shipbuilding industry, said that without the technical documentation to understand the systems on the submarine difficult question of her admission to the U. S. military — political.

Before this, the US Navy also called for the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, the former Admiral Gorshkov, but he is owned by the Indian military, therefore, “to present a real claim to the Russian side failed,” the newspaper said.

In the United shipbuilding Corporation, “Rosoboronexport”, the Federal service for military-technical cooperation and the Embassy of India in Moscow did not comment on the newspaper.

In addition, 4 Oct Chakra was in an accident, damaged nose fairing antenna sonar system. English-language Indian newspaper the Hindu wrote, citing sources in the Indian Ministry of defence that it formed a hole 1,5×1,5 m. In India there arrived experts from Russia who disagreed with the official findings of the Indian investigation that the damage occurred due to “technical problems”. According to the Indian publication, it is not the first incident with the submarine, one occurred in 2008 during testing.

In Moscow “many questions” to India, told “Kommersant” several informed source, the Russian authorities are preparing some responses. They can affect the negotiations between the two countries on the lease of another nuclear submarine.

Also the newspaper writes that in December in India can fly Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is to decide “questions”, including and to discuss, according to the newspaper, the incident with the submarine Chakra. It can affect the negotiation of the lease from Moscow the second submarine.

India is exploiting the submarine since 2011, Chakra — one of the boats of project 971 “Pike-B”. The submarine was built in the years 1983-2001. It is able to dive to 600 meters and to develop underwater speed of 30 knots. The Indian Navy took the submarine on lease from Russia in December 2011.
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