The Ministry of Finance first published data on the salaries of Ministers

The Ministry of Finance as part of their “open data” for the first time revealed the average monthly salaries of the majority of Russian Ministers. The highest salary – officials of financial-economic bloc.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As noted by RBC, the Ministers in the annual declarations to publish their income, but not wages. Thus information about the salaries of Federal officials first went public. We are talking about data for the 2016, 2017, wages are not indexed.

The highest salary in 2016 was the Minister of Finance — 1.73 million RUB per month. On the basis of an anti-corruption Declaration Anton Siluanov, the salary had 22% of his income last year.

Next in the “ranking” are the Minister of economic development and the Minister of energy — their salary is made up 1.27 million and 1.16 million virtually any, respectively. Slightly less than million in the past year received the Minister of emergency situations (954 thousand.) and the Minister of industry and trade (921 thousand virtually any).

The Top 10 also included the Ministers of justice, sports, foreign Affairs, health and education (ranging from 497 to 634 thousand virtually any).

The salary of the Ministers of defence and internal Affairs, as well as employees of the secret services, the FSB and SVR, were not disclosed. Also in the open data of the Ministry of Finance has no information on the salary of the President of Russia. As can be seen from system “Garant”, a cash reward of Vladimir Putin is now 641,7 thousand RUB

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