The miracle of St. Nicholas. 128 days stood petrified Zoya without food and water

Petrified Zoya became the prototype of the character hood. the movie “Miracle” by Alexander Proshkin. © /

Still from the film

Briefly what happens is that the girl dared to dance with an icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, petrified. The doctor, who arrived on a call tried to make Zoe a shot, but failed — the needle is bent. The next morning near the house 84 Chkalov street is already crowded people.


In the city and today a lot of people remember those events. “I was in 1956, 14 years, — says Tatiana Fateeva. We lived a 10-minute walk to Chkalovskaya. Are high school classmates wanted to get into the house from the back yard. But it turned out that there were on duty police officers. And this further spurred the people. After all, if there is no miracle, then why should a house be protected? Policemen were not enough, they collected from all over the region. My neighbor Antonina told me that from their native village of Avgustovka (Samara region). police officer also called in Samara (then the city was called Kuibyshev. — Ed.) on duty. When he returned, he was tormented with questions. And to say he had no right. Instead, took off his hat, and everyone saw that a young man with his gray hair”.

In the city from mouth to mouth recounted the circumstances of the incident. Young worker pipe plant. Maslennikova Zoe Karnaukhova together with friends celebrating the New year. All night she waited for her partner Nicholas, who never came. When couples began to dance, Zoe annoyance removed from the wall, the icon of St. Nicholas with the words: “I’ll Take this Nicholas and goes to dance with him”, not listening to friends who advised not to commit such blasphemy. “If there is a God, He’ll punish me,” he dumped. Almost immediately, a clap of thunder, and Zoe pressed to a breast icon as if petrified. Stood like a marble statue.

The same house on Chkalov street. Photo: AiF/ Maria Pozdnyakova

“The winter night over Samara is really a sound of thunder — continues Tatiana Fateeva. My senior colleague Valentina K. Surva said that in 1956, was on night duty at the communications center. And when the rumble of thunder and the sky lit up with lightning, their chief said, “That is Elijah the Prophet summer to winter is messed up?!”

God’s electorate. Turn to the relics of St. Nicholas shocked the Catholic world

Word of mouth carried the story of Zoe standing across the country. Here is what the “AIF” elder Eli (Archimandrite Eli (Nozdrin), Confessor of Patriarch Kirill): “in the Summer of 1956 I sailed from the city of Kamyshin (Volgograd region) in Saratov to enter the Seminary. About the history of Zoe by the time knew. A lot of talk went on. And on the boat met two women, they were from Kuibyshev and under the impression of those events. Said that their friend gave the policemen guarding the house, the money. And passed. And made sure that Zoe stood. The witnesses were many. It is an indisputable fact”.

“I spoke with a woman who saw the petrified girl — says “AIF” Archpriest Nikolay Agafonov, the author of the novel “Standing”. — Stood in the cordon, the brother of her friend. In one of the night shifts he let them in. They saw a figure covered by a sheet. And the sound was like a whistling. Apparently, it was the breath of Zoe. Girls bound terror, and they ran out into the street.” Residents of Samara recalled that on the night Zoe was screaming, “Pray! Sins die!”

Father Seraphim (Zvyagin), who took the icon from the hands of Zoe. Photo 1955 photo: Photo from the book/ “the spiritual Father Seraphim”

The story of The Seraphim

On Christmas day in the house missed the priest. He said a prayer and was able to take from the hands of Zoe, the icon of St. Nicholas. My father said that we should wait for the signs for Easter. The second visit happened at the Annunciation. “She was on Chkalovsky, said: the protection came handsome old man, and, surprisingly, it missed the house.” Later news will receive more details. The duty officers heard him gently asked Zoe: “Well, tired to stand?” And when the old man wanted to release at the house he was not… Everyone in town was convinced that came to Zoe Nikolay Chudotvortsa. Began to say that through the prayers of the Saint the Lord had mercy on her. At Easter in 1956, after 128 days of standing, Zoe, whose name in Greek means “life”, really came to life. Before that, she was particularly screaming, “Pray, people die in sins! Pray, wear crosses, the crosses go in, kill the earth sways like a cradle…” muscle girls appeared soft. Put it. Asked: “How you lived, who you fed?” “Doves, doves fed me…” Zoe strong effect on the residents of the city. In the Holy week movie theaters and other entertainment venues of Samara was empty. Many were baptized. The appeal was so great that the churches lacked crosses for asking.

Husband, children, work. How and what you ask of St. Nicholas?

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It is believed that Zoe died on the third day of Easter. For a long time remained a mystery who was a monk, who managed to take from her hands the icon. The priest was father Seraphim (Zvyagin). He served in a rural Church in the Kostroma region, and in Samara came after he twice was a commandment from the Lord. In 2012, six month before the death of father Seraphim, at that time he was chiarimenti, said: “We were arrested, tortured”. Pointing at his forehead and eyes, continued: “the Marks of a lifetime. To remember and it is terrible!” The investigators sought to the priest announced that it was no miracle. Said, “You’re young, why do you all want?” The father refused to lie. Then he took the receipt of non-disclosure for 50 years.

“The details of this miracle could be found from the folders that were stored in the KGB, — has told “AIF” journalist Andrei Karaulov. — I know people who have seen documents in the case of the “standing Zoe”, and it was noted that the folder in three.”

Monument to Saint Nicholas in memory of a loud miracle 1956 Photo: AIF/ Maria Pozdnyakova

84 the house on Chkalovsky preserved. The last tenants moved out of there after the recent fire, now the building is boarded up and is in ruins. But next installed and consecrated the monument to Saint Nicholas. And today people come to pray at the place where the Saint performed a miracle, which even in the years of goatism many were brought to God.

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