The old men: why Russia is not like pensioners

Russia was in the top five most uncomfortable countries for retirees. Worse than we old people live in Brazil, Greece and India, better – almost everywhere, even in Turkey. And it’s not just the low level of pensions: Russia was an outsider in life expectancy due to adverse environmental conditions and low quality of medical services. In short, what in our country is so proud of rich nature and free medical care, kills us, and the shameful pension is clearly not, makes you stronger.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Global ranking of best countries for living pensioners made up the French Finance Corporation Natixis. The purpose of the study is to show which countries are the most successful for investing in their future retirement, and generally enjoying a comfortable old age. However, the ratings were not all States, but only 43 members of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), which in Europe is highly regarded. However, Russia managed to get a powerful “anti-advertising”. Interestingly, even national parliamentarians from the state Duma and the Federation Council not to argue with the “junk” quality of life of our elders and acknowledged that the country’s pension “miserable”. But you can be proud that we “jump on” a prosperous member of the European Union — Greece and the seventh country in the world in terms of GDP — India. Only here in Greece emerging from a severe financial crisis, with unemployment at 20% and the reduction of all social expenditures, pensions is still higher than in Russia.

We, too, and the crisis was, and the government seems to be fulfilling its social obligations, scribe the bottom of the barrel, but pensioners are better still live. Over the past two and a half years of pension in real terms decreased by 2%, they are one and a half times less than the average wages, and are indexed with varying degrees of success. In 2016 the government was not able to raise funds for the annual allowance for inflation and limited to a one-time payment of 5 thousand virtually any, which is otherwise miserable pittance nobody took. For working pensioners has decided to cash in and not to raise their pensions again they have a salary.

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The average pension in 2016 in Russia amounted to about 12 thousand virtually any, and it is necessary to perceive as a blessing. It turns out that pensioners in our country — a privileged category of citizens because their income is above the subsistence level. Only for some reason almost half of pensioners in the country – 45% in the past year could not afford the necessary medication at least once a year, and a third of them are faced with this problem regularly, such data led analysts Ranepa. Of course, there are in the country and the pensioners, who live well, because “deserve” large pensions are the veterans of war, labor, workers with more seniority. Along with them a comfortable old age, the state has provided for civil servants, the military and those who received a high salary. The authorities somehow does not seem unfair that just a hard worker from the factory on a pension struggling to make ends meet, and some officials, accustomed to a cushy job, and lives happily ever after thanks to government allowances.

Every year in Russia, increasing the number of those who want to emigrate in search of a better life. Every tenth citizen wants to leave for permanent residence in Europe, USA or Australia, and one in four of the potential “defectors” – young people. The reason voiced: young people do not believe that the state will be able to provide a decent life, including in old age, in fact, confirmed the actions of the authorities. Many did not believe that the generation of the 1980s and 1990s and under will generally be pensions. The cumulative part is already selected, we gulped. Minimal experience necessary for purpose of pension is increased, we endured. The next “gift” to the Russians is looming on the horizon — raising the retirement age.

With an international rating of pensions and the method by which there are arranged the country, you can certainly argue. Perhaps a shame that Russia was there on a garbage level. The rating thing, of course, entertaining. But more importantly, what place our seniors in real life. I would not want to see Russia remained the country where the elderly have no place.

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