The plastic surgeon praised the new appearance of Gregory Rodchenkov

Aired the previously announced interview with the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov the American TV channel CBS. In the program “60 minutes” that he made another “exposure”, but at the same time did not forget about himself — again told that his life was threatened from Russia.

Photo: CBS

So now with the camera was sitting “man, similar to Rodchenkova”, and even in body armor. According to the interlocutor CBS, make-up and change in appearance are the measures adopted for reasons of security.

The informant, believe that he is, told about the support system of doping, which, in his view, exists and operates in Russia:

— While working in Moscow in front of me were two opposing tasks: to catch cheaters and protect clean athletes, the main goal was to win the Olympics, world Championships and at any cost, he said.

Rodchenkov said that on the Olympic games in Sochi gold medals in biathlon, skiing, bobsleigh and the skeleton was conquered by the Russians gotten a permit for it was from the high state level.

— Mutko has told me that Putin was constantly worried about how there is a preparation, whether there are any problems, don’t need some kind of support. I could count on anything, Rodchenkov continued in conversation with Scott Pelly.

To enter the storage room for doping tests, as remembered Rodchenkov, he was helped by someone named Yevgeny Blokhin, FSB agent, working under cover of a plumber. However, he noted that he never saw the moment of the substitution of the tubes.

Never seen it happen. It was one and the same focus: the closed vial was transformed into the open. Fraud on an industrial scale, he said.

It is the escape in the US, as it turned out, Rodchenkova allowed to tell the truth, but now he continues to fear for his life.

According to media reports in the West Rodchenkova began to help charities, including Sport Fair (“Fair sport”). According to RT, the way to address “whistleblower” has received more than $30 thousand

Responses to statements Rodchenkova began to appear immediately after the broadcast transmission. The chatter is not from a great mind called said the fugitive scientist, the honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee Leonid Tyagachev.

Drew attention to the effects of alleged plastic surgery on the face Rodchenkova:

Is a typical American way of slowly the aging playboy. Given the characteristics of the media in the States, perhaps Mr Rodchenkov with a mustache and glasses hiding somewhere in Hawaii, and this is just like him man, but with American features, noted specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery Timur Nugaev.

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