The population is impoverished, the banks get fat: the credit organizations have recorded record profits

The revenue of Russian banks has reached a historic high in the first half of 2017. The profit of the banking sector exceeded virtually any 750 billion — this amount was not even in pre-crisis times. This was reported in the information-analytical material of Bank of Russia “Financial review”.

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As follows from the review of the Central Bank, the profit was achieved by reducing the cost of reserves, of which kompensiruet financial losses of the banks that had greatly hindered the increase in Bank profits. These costs have been reduced to virtually any 300 billion, which is almost a quarter less than the year before and less than half crisis in 2014 and 2015. The report notes that another reason for the “good harvest” in the banks was the recovery of domestic demand among consumers and rising real wages that allowed more borrowers to pay for loan obligations.

According to the National Bureau of credit histories, the population should be the banks about a trillion virtually any. More to occupy the Russians were due to falling incomes, which lasts for two years and during that time was 15%. In the first half of 2017, according to Rosstat, income continued to decline, but not increased, according to the Central Bank. According to experts, the decline in income has affected the attitude of Russians towards financial products — they were better able to pay the loans that had a positive impact on revenue of banks.

In an interview with “MK” senior researcher, Institute for economic policy. Gaidar, Sergei Zhavoronkov noticed that in Russia, banking has always been very profitable, and earn billions to banks could on the difference between high loan rates and low interest rates on deposits. “With annual inflation of 5%, which we warn the authorities, even the largest borrower cannot get a loan cheaper than 12-13%, while rates on consumer loans are approaching 20% and above. Thus the gap between the refinancing rate and lending rates in Russia is very high. In addition, many banks we enjoy state support in the form of capital contributions, and can afford little to worry about”, – the expert believes.

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