The Prosecutor General’s office of Uzbekistan announced the verdict Gulnara Karimova

Valery Levitin

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, July 28 – AIF-Moscow.

The daughter of The former President of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova sentenced to five years ‘ imprisonment for theft and extortion of funds, the Prosecutor General of the Republic.

So-and-so. Why the President of Uzbekistan put on trial his daughter

The Tashkent regional court found D. guilty of these crimes back in August 2015.

A criminal case was opened in the fall of 2013. It started on the facts of evasion from payment of taxes, participation in a criminal group, extortion by taking possession of cash, stocks, shares and property objects, concealment of the tax base, as well as the destruction and concealment of documents.

According to the Prosecutor General, the blame Karimova confirmed the testimony of members of organized criminal group, witnesses and victims. In addition, as evidence of the verification activities, 45 businesses and 16 offshore companies, controlled by the organized group of expert opinions and more.

Verdict of the Tashkent regional court on criminal cases dated 21 August 2015 Karimov was found guilty of committing the charged crimes, she was sentenced to five years ‘ imprisonment, is spoken in the message of the Supervisory authority.

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