The Prosecutor”s office of Uzbekistan told about the verdict Gulnara Karimova

The daughter of The former President of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova in 2015, was sentenced to five years of restriction of freedom

Gulnara Karimova

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The daughter of former President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Gulnara in 2015, was found guilty on a number of crimes — aiding a criminal group which was engaged in theft, extortion, embezzlement of state funds and tax evasion. She was sentenced to five years ‘ imprisonment, reports the Prosecutor”s office of Uzbekistan.

These episodes Gulnara Karimova was charged under article 165, 167, 179, 184, 227 of the Criminal code. Then August 21, 2015, the Tashkent regional court found D. guilty “to committing the charged crimes” and appointed her a sentence of five years of imprisonment.

The damage from the taking in cash, stocks, shares and property objects of the citizens and entrepreneurs in the amount of 54.1 billion Uzbek soums (UZS 1000 at the rate of 28 July, equal to 14.7 virtually any); from the misappropriation of state property — 344, 6 billion soums, from the tax evasion of companies and offshore companies — 2,091 billion soums.

In relation to the daughter of the ex-President is another process under article 168, 178, 182, 189, 228 and 243 of the Uzbek criminal code for the misappropriation of another’s property valued at $ 1 trillion, 256 billion soums, concealment of foreign currency by receiving “kickbacks” to the accounts of offshore companies in the amount of $1,942 billion and €29.1 million, breach of customs legislation on 607,6 billion soums, the violation of trade rules 572.9 billion soums, forgery and money laundering.

In this process, Karimov arrested. The total cost incurred by the group damages on two counts, this sentence is estimated at 1,270 trillion Uzbek soums, $1,651 billion and €21.6 million

The prosecution Karimova was indicted based on the testimony of gang members, witnesses, victims, and verification activities controlled by an organized group of 14 companies and 16 offshore.

The assets of the criminal group the authorities of Uzbekistan identified in 12 countries, including in Russia. Their total amount reaches $1,394 billion, €63.5 million, £27 million and 18.5 million Swiss francs. In particular, in Switzerland, the Prosecutor”s office found money in the amount of $777,8 million and several villas in the colony. The real estate group, which was responsible Karimov, found also in France, Hong Kong, Sweden, UK, Latvia, Ireland, UAE, Malta and Spain.

In Russia the suspects kept $6 million, was the penthouse in a residential complex “Camelot”, a mansion on the ruble, eight apartments in Moscow and a hotel complex, residential building and a land plot in Yalta for a total of $2 million.

Uzbek thing: what happens to a country after the death of Islam Karimov


In June of this year, the Uzbek Agency “Fergana” published an article with a link to Instagram user under the name iman.k17, who calls herself the daughter Gulnara Karimova Iman. Verify ownership of the account, Iman Karimova publication failed. The user wrote about the fate of “mom”, that is, presumably, Gulnara Karimova, who disappeared from public view in 2014. According to the user, in August 2015 I passed the “home court” which sentenced the daughter of the former President to four years of house arrest.

How to write a user of a social network, in 2012, a year after Karimova and her son was poisoned by “heavy metals”, “mercury, lead and zinc”, in Switzerland opened two cases “to close people who worked with my mother.”

Prosecutor”s office first told about the verdict Gulnara Karimova, said RBC chief editor of the portal “” Daniel Kislov. “The Prosecutor General’s office of Uzbekistan in 2014, once said that Mr. Karimov without specifying its position and the fact that she is the daughter of the President, was arrested and convicted, but it was casual and it was quite clear that we are talking about it,” he said.

“Today, everything is clear. But there remains a lot of questions: why the court was not open, did there lawyers adequately why they waited so long, how long will be investigated by the second criminal case” — said Kislov. According to him, Gulnara Karimova, have been sentenced to house arrest, but now such norm in the Criminal code does not already exist. “She sits under house arrest by the verdict and still sits under house arrest because of the investigation of a new business. It is curious that in the fall or winter of 2015, the amendments to the criminal code that a sentence may be house arrest, not jail or prison. And in the fall of last year, this rule was removed from the Criminal code. Under house arrest she is now — maybe because the law is not retroactive. But the feeling that it was made specifically for her fate,” — said Kislov. According to him, about Gulnara Karimova is not known since March 2014, “when she came out on the Internet.”

The son of Gulnara Karimova called rumors messages about her death


In November of 2016, son of Gulnara Karimova, gave an interview bi-Bi-si in which has told about what his mother since February 2014, is under house arrest. He denied reports about the death of the eldest daughter of the former President of Uzbekistan. That Gulnara Karimova was poisoned and died on 5 November last year, reported the Agency “Center-1” referring to a source in the national security Service (SNB) of Uzbekistan. Also about the death of the daughter of the former leader of the Republic announced on his Twitter page, the Agency FlashNord, citing the Uzbekistan Press Freedom Group.

Farewell to Islam Karimov. Photos

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September 2, 2016 the government of Uzbekistan has announced the death of President Islam Karimov. The next day, September 2, at Samarkand held a farewell to the leader. The ceremony was attended by top officials of Uzbekistan and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Family members with the President in public, said goodbye to his widow Tatyana and daughter Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva. The second daughter — Gulnara Karimova — the funeral was not present.

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