The reaction core. Is it possible the artificial synthesis of precious metals?

In the XX century in high-energy nuclear reactor, the bombing of mercury slow neutrons was obtained a little gold. But it was hundreds of times higher than the market. Thus now obtained a number of valuable isotopes of chemical elements. But the idea of mass synthesis of gold or other precious metals deemed commercially unpromising.

Cold fusion

However, a few decades ago various researchers, one after another began to come to the conclusion about the existence of low energy nuclear reaction, which proceeds on different principles than the then known science of high-energy, “hot” nuclear processes. Today these reactions are called cold transmutation of nuclei (cold nuclear transmutation), cold fusion, LENR (Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions low energy nuclear reactions).

In 1962, French scientist Louis Kervran wrote a book called “Biological transmutation” (“Biological Transmutations”), and then “Biological transmutation and their application” (“Biological Transmutations & Their Applications”).

As scientists learned how to turn smoke into gold?

He relied on her experiences with biotransformaziei, which began in the sixties of the XX century. Kervran found that the lack of calcium in the body, ducks laying eggs, the synthesis of the missing item. Kervran argued that enzymes may contribute to biochemical transformations, using the weak nuclear force. He called it a “neutral currents”. Then there was no term for low energy nuclear reactions. Kervran Experiments repeated and confirmed William Prout from Germany.

The phenomenon of transmutation found in nature, was the inspiration for other researchers. In 1989, Professor Martin Fleischmann of electrochemistry and his partner Pons has discovered a previously unknown nuclear reaction, accompanied by release of excess energy. Subsequently this experiment was repeated a number of researchers, among them the Director of Energy research center at Stanford research Institute of USA (Energy Research Center SRI International, Menlo Park, California, USA) Michael K. H. Maccoby. He presented their results at the Xth International conference on cold fusion (ICCF-10) 25 August 2003. Also the experiment was confirmed by an Italian group of scientists.

Hasty criticism

However, the people who control the scientific administration of met data about the experiment with hostility. Coordinated and started a fierce campaign against the researchers of cold fusion.

Sergei Tsvetkov, a journalistwho has studied the situation, says that the discrediting of Fleischmann and Pons did not hesitate to direct falsification. A month later (this is important) after the experiment of Fleischmann and Pons, it was stated publicly that attempts to repeat the experience in the laboratory of the University of Massachusetts were unsuccessful. Hence it made a categorical conclusion that cold fusion is not. The deception was that the nuclear cold fusion reaction, accompanied by heat, Fleischmann and Pons were observed only at 66 days after the start of the experiment.

Turns out the critics for a few days concluded about the process that starts only after 2 months.

Flowers writes in this regard:

“Cold fusion is not pseudoscience. Label lunarfest is designed to protect the stalled and afraid of responsibility “for termoyadernoi” and “big colliderscope” that have turned the modern physics into a profitable business for a narrow circle of people who only call themselves scientists.”

As he wrote in his blog, the legendary presenter of the BBC Russian service Seva Novgorodtsev, Martin Fleischmann later, Mandy, was interviewed, asked not whether it is against the laws of physics. “The New York Times, with a dry smile replied, Fleishman — before the flight of the Wright brothers wrote that a machine heavier than air to fly through the air can not by definition.”

True, scientists have created an invisibility cloak made of gold?

On a new level

However, despite fierce resistance from the administrators of science, the cold transmutation of nuclei was spread. Appeared and the theoretical work explaining the processes of cold nuclear transmutation. In Russia this 30 years candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Yu. N. Bagatov, together with Professor Grigory Moiseevich Vereskoviy nominated in the nineties ersion-catalytic model reaction of cold fusion.

From the nineties to the present time, there are deep fundamental work of Russian mineralogist, candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences V. A. Krivitsky, who proved in his works that elementoorganika on Earth occurred as a result of cold transmutation of chemical elements.

According to the findings of V. A. Krivitsky, in the bowels of the Earth is a cold transmutation: the transmutation of one element to the other as the result of cold nuclear transmutation. In his opinion, features of some deposits, including gold and platinum metals, demonstrate clearly that they are the result of transmutation of the elements occurring in natural objects.

On 14 January 2011 in Bologna , the Italian businessman and researcher Andrea Rossi has demonstrated LENR generator that produces electricity, developed in collaboration with Professor Fokkardi. Research administration organized public criticism of the ideas of Andrea Rossi. But the demonstration of the installation work to professionals left no doubt that the process goes with the production of additional energy. Moreover, the secret of the generator due to negligence, Andrea Rossi has been solved by several researchers and they successfully reproduced the generation of excess thermal energy resulting from cold nuclear reactions. These groups, who have reproduced the model of Andrea Rossi, there are about 8. In Russia, the principle of the installation was played by the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Alexander by Pakhomovym. The installation was demonstrated to the specialists in the all-Russian research Institute for operation of nuclear power plants on 27 January 2015. This installation produced energy is 2.5 times more than consumed, which of course was a result of the occurrence of LENR reactions.

Photo: SIC “Sintastic”

In 2013, Andrea Rossi was invited to the USA and there he established a commercial plant for power generation capacity of 1,000 kW, which now offers clients his firm. According to some reports, the number of existing units sold to the U.S. army to provide electricity to remote objects.

The synthesis of platinum

At the same time, the process of development of cold transmutation began to gain momentum. In the field of energy, and in the field of artificial synthesis of the chemical elements. Various groups, including big companies, not paying attention to the objections of administrators from science, have begun the research of cold nuclear transmutation. And there have been many successes. The company MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. its research team under the leadership of Yasuhiro Iwamuramoving in the direction of synthesis of chemical elements by cold transmutation of nuclei.

As a result, the group Iwamura, a method was developed which allowed to synthesize platinum and other elements by cold transmutation, for which he received a patent in 2014 (No. EP1202290).

Unfortunately, the productivity of the method, Iwamori very small. Although the important fact of the establishment of such facilities.

In the United States on the subject of cold transmutation of nuclei is also working closely. Evidence of serious interest in government agencies is the US patent for “Methods and device for stimulation of nuclear reactions” WO 2017 155520 A1 obtained space Agency NASA in 2017. All these examples are only a part of what has been achieved in the world in the development of cold transmutation. For example, the plasma vortex reactor for low-energy nuclear reactions Anatoly Klimov, which achieved a sevenfold excess energy.

Accordingly, today it has become quite obvious that the development of cold nuclear reactions is the basis for future progress. It gives the opportunity of obtaining cheap energy, and the synthesis of the valuable elements.

Russian design

The most serious success demonstrates the project “Sinteza”, founded by Vladislav Karabanov. According to available data, conducted a very profound research work. In the first place — to get valuable items. And, according to the same data, as a result of experiments by the method of cold transmutation of nuclei of chemical elements from the matrix, consisting of low-value items, the resulting platinum group elements. Most importantly, according to “Sinteza”, it detected the key features of the starting process of cold transmutation. These keys and develop know-how suggest a low cost process. When you create this database on industrial technology, according to “Sintezija”, this should give the opportunity to synthesize the platinum metals are much lower in cost than current production. Today, the economy is experiencing a sharp deficit, since platinum metals are widely used in industry, electronics, medicine.

Feature of the project “Sinteza” is alleged waiver of work on the theoretical basis of the cold nuclear transmutation and the intention to engage in purely practical tasks. Although at the same time, it should be noted that the advisors of the project are already mentioned above, prominent theorists and practitioners of cold transmutation: Bazhutov Yu. N. V. A. Krivitsky and

However, despite the fact that is declared the rejection of a theoretical substantiation of the process, I want to quote the words of the project Manager Vladislav Karabanov on the principles of the reaction of cold nuclear transmutation.

“As a rule, the opponents of cold transmutation of lead as the argument of the Coulomb barrier that cannot be overcome without great effort. Here is an example: to get into the house through the wall you can’t either, without breaking it and without exerting a lot of energy. In reality, you don’t enter the house through the wall and enter through the door, using her key to her. And cold fusion: in order to implement it, bypassing the Coulomb barrier, the wall, you need to understand where the door is and what the right key. And those doors have already been found”.

I would like to add that “Sinteza” is a fully private project. Today, as you know, he goes to the investment program in order to obtain funds for establishing the necessary laboratories and transfer of technology to the industrial level. Moreover, it should be noted that this is also done with the use of the most innovative blockchain technology.

In the case of project implementation (and this, apparently, has a high probability) we get another global innovation breakthrough. And then not only his investors will have a chance to receive the income, it will get the whole economy, the whole society.

Official website and blog “nits Sinteza”, where you can learn more about the project

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