The recipe for success of synchronised swimming night pasta and arrows of a warrior

Free routine duets of “Mermaid”. We were behind her calm at the Olympics in Rio it won duet Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina. And then the genius of water gave way to the new Duo. Happy image inspirational. In Budapest, world Champions of steel Svetlana Kolesnichenko and Alexandra Patskevich (pictured), their “Mermaids” also awarded “gold”. Accustomed to “harness” synchronized swimmers at the world Championships: solo, duet, group is new, and the result is the same. Golden. After winning the “Mermaids” came to Russia in the medal standings of the world championship by water kinds in first place with six gold medals.

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“Mermaids” we’ll see. Although, because the Russians rivals stealing programs sometimes whole chunks — partly, probably, somewhere and note, but not performed by our stars of synchronized swimming, they are a masterpiece it’s time to say goodbye, honestly its worked.

Two-time Olympic champion Alexandra Patskevich says: to beat with Ishchenko and Romashina goal was not, but to do it in his own way was. And performed. And gave the coach Tatyana Danchenko 25th gold medal of the world Championships. The first trainer has won with Anastasia Ermakova and Anastasia Davydova back in 2003 in Barcelona.

And Svetlana Kolesnichenko, which now became the 13‑time world champion, after a speech on the eve of the solo program “Amazon” refuses to consider himself in Budapest prima. Despite the fact that Olympic champion at the Games in Rio (in the group) in Hungary now won four gold medals (starting with the technical programmes of solo and in a duet with Alexandra Patskevich). A pupil of Tatiana Danchenko — and I want to say: who else? — for his solo performance received from the judges more points advantage over the Spaniard Thereof, Carbonell (“bronze” was won by Ukrainian Anna Voloshina).

So, prima athlete to consider himself in no hurry. “It’s too loud, I don’t like, we’re just going to try to work further and achieve high results. Any program put me Natalia Ishchenko, thank her for that. And I did it better than in the semifinal, which makes me very happy”.

The path to a solo career Kolesnichenko took many years. In 2010, once on base, “Round Lake”, she was the youngest in the team. And then admitted that even the head was afraid to raise — around Olympic champion. But they helped as today Light helps. And in 2011‑m at the world Championships in Shanghai she became a triple world champion: won by a group in the technical program, arbitrary and in combination.

Two years later, Tatyana Danchenko strongly introduced the athlete in the first Duo, she then went on maternity leave. Kolesnichenko began to speak with Romashina. And in Barcelona‑2013 two gorgeous Svetlana won in the technical program, and arbitrary.

Kazan 2015 has already returned Natalia Ishchenko. And Svetlana had returned to the group. Some transitions come harder?

The strength of any national team in succession. Today, five-time Olympic champion Natalia Ishchenko, the most decorated synchro swimmer in the world (19‑time world champion), says he is very satisfied with the cooperation with the Light. And it says the formulation of any program for the performance in Budapest. Ishchenko was involved in the initial work on the music and the image. As a soloist, the soloist helped, with all my heart. Like a Pro professional.

The proposed way of the Amazon fell in love all at once: the instructor and Kolesnichenko. Then the program worked Danchenko and Romashina. Looking for economize, to anticipate, scrub… And Kolesnichenko, soaking up every word the Council had to cope with the nerves. The soloist — he’s a loner, all in the mind, from the little finger to the heel, and every movement should be elegant and impress.

First adult solo Kolesnichenko in his career was exquisite, and was impressed. And she admitted: Amazon — this is mine, a woman-warrior, and fought, and released all opponents imaginary arrow from a bow.

Warrior — it’s about them, of synchronized swimmers. Ten hours in water, the intense rhythm of the performances. And every day on morally-strong-willed. And on the physical. These holders beautiful shapes don’t need diets. Sport takes too much, and the coaches keep an eye out for food. Not in the sense of “stand on the scales; o God, you will now only have water!”… But quite the opposite: “eat some more, huh?”.

Coaches we talk all the time, so we still ate, — Svetlana told reporters. — The competition we are in no limit. On Tuesday, we ended very late the qualification is solo at 11 PM, ate pasta in the morning before the final big Breakfast. And in training we have on the side is always a plate with nuts, chocolate, dried fruit.

Amazon — girl who is fighting for their land. Not a random image. Water synchronized swimming — this is our land. And many years pass each other the bow of the victory of the unique soloist: Ishchenko — Romashina, Romashina — Kolesnichenko. And what is most amazing is all three and now is in business.

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