The secret revolution in the RFU: Mutko has gone, but there was

Monday, December 25, in the House of football in Moscow took place the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union (RFU). Head RFS Vitaly Mutko asked to suspend his powers for a period of six months.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Acting President of the RFU Alexander Alaev, currently occupying the posts of Director General and Secretary-General. He once played for the national team of Russia in beach soccer, headed the Committee of Union of European football associations (UEFA) on mini-football and just the same on beach.

First spoke with journalists temporarily departed from the post of the head RFS Vitaly Mutko. He told about what was discussed at the meeting.

Discussed the financial successes of the Russian football Union, Russian leagues (including Premier League). Remembered about the attendances.

Decided on the reform of the limit on foreign players. In the coming years, this limit will change: there will be 7-8 foreigners in the club.

It is also planned mandatory registration in the application of each of the 4 club home-grown players.

Separately, Mr Mutko told about doping in Russian sport. He condemned the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the neutral status at the Games in 2018, but encouraged to accept and support our athletes. Mutko, as you know, is unable to attend these events as official. This here is the administrative responsibility. But Mr Mutko plans to challenge this decision in Sports arbitration court.

For the period of the trial Mutko, in fact, asked the RFU to suspend their powers – so for 6 months. All these months he will “fight for justice”.

As predicted by the “MK”, changes have been purely cosmetic – the power in the RFU Mutko, there is technically no it replaced (the CEO of the organizing Committee of the 2018 world Cup Alexei Sorokin, as planned, or Alexander Alaev), save in any…

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