The tariff “limitless”: the Russians will pay more for utility services

Display managers (AMS) of the scheme of payment of utility bills and collection of money owed from the consumer on utility bills proposed during the annual press conference President Putin. The President was angered by the fact that the UK are not playing fair, listing in full resursosnabzhayuschih organizations payments or with large delays. However, the joy of the people of Russia while early. An exception to the criminal code of the are debugged mechanism will inevitably lead to growth of tariffs, experts are convinced.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Traditional communication of Vladimir Putin with journalists and this year was not without question on the subject of housing and communal services. “It is necessary in the near future to cut management companies in housing and communal services from cash flow,” said the President. According to information which is owned by Putin, at times dispose of the funds of UK citizens illegally. “Management companies first for all the collect, and then pay off, including with resource organizations, he said. And they do not always pay promptly and in full, and for those few people looking”.

Those who passes the leadership of the country, not telling, and if they agree, vaguely, emphasized in conversation with “MK” doctor of economic Sciences, Professor of Ranepa Eugene bogomolny. “No reason not to think about the fact that the exclusion of existing scheme management companies will somehow lead to growth of tariffs for housing and communal services, — said the expert. Today for free UK are earning money for homeowners, they also write you a receipt”.

Pious does not question the fact that that’s so dishonest! UK there are. Some steal, others don’t in time send consumer resource supplying organizations. But, according to statistics, 99% of the firms responsible for the management of apartment houses, work fine. “In the vast majority of our homes have light, heat, water. Of course, accidents do happen. But the statistics says that a thousand UK accounts for only one accident, — continued the interlocutor of “MK”. — The rest is force majeure or the human factor, from which there is no escape”.

By the way, the debt of local governments to control companies is 700 billion. About this, obviously, did not inform the leadership of the country. If we talk about the homeowners, the population pays about 95-97%.

Indeed, in Russia today, the mechanism of payment of utility bills more-or-less are debugged. Gas companies, electricians, consumers pay separate utility bills. The payment of the remaining resources built its own system. If we talk about the debtors, then defaulters account makes the UK, and in court, if it comes, is also drawn management company that does not take a penny for it. “If the current schema to remove the UK, these duties will go recursivesum. They will have to find and walk to each defaulter, — concluded the Professor of the Ranepa. Management of the company with pleasure will stop collecting money from citizens and giving up such a burden. But then it can backfire for consumers: tariffs will have to increase”.

In the course of communication with journalists, Putin also called ending the growth of utility tariffs in excess of established standards. Note that in the period from November 2016 to November of the current year the increase amounted to 4.6%, according to Rosstat.

The head of The Ministry of construction, Mikhail Men in turn, said that the Ministry jointly with the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) will promptly endeavour to resolve the problem.

But all this particular. Industry experts are convinced of the need to bring order to the system itself, utilities to implement either public private partnership or concession. While this sector of the economy is in a very strange way.


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