The time of capitalism at the end: it kills modern technology

Gorbachev”s perestroika marked the political, and the destruction of the Soviet Union and the administrative collapse of the Communist ideology. The idea of social justice became obscene in the accelerated looting of the heritage of the Soviet civilization. Its technological and educational achievements, captured and re-used by the West, formed the basis of the modern information society, extending the existence of capitalism on the lives of a whole generation.

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But this time, it seems, ends — and it is not only an economic crisis, undermining the financial architecture of capitalism. The problem is much deeper: its foundations are incompatible with the technology on which it is based.

Indeed, the main resource of the modern world — the information is public by nature good: that is the only benefit, which is not only not declining, but, conversely, increases when passing others. This information is inalienable: it cannot be away from the one who once received (i.e. learned) it.

And because capitalism is based on private ownership and alienation! Of course, the new wine information, trying to keep old bottles of private ownership of the notorious “intellectual property rights”, but a degeneration to a trivial tool of abuse of dominant position and brake development has long been obvious to all but the most rabid lobbyists.

A symbolic example of voluntary refusal of the capitalists themselves from this law was the removal of patent protection with the technology of 3D printing. Invented in the late 80-ies, they did not develop because of intellectual property rights — and only to refuse them and universal access to technology has contributed to their improvement and ensure their wide dissemination (even if their transformative effects and was initially exaggerated).

Information technologies have made the life a lot of dreams classics of Marxism, although, of course, different. In developed and many underdeveloped countries, the work ceased to be necessary for survival (and seriously discussing the introduction of an unconditional income, guaranteed for everyone), the difference between work and free time has worn off, and between work and entertainment is rapidly being erased: the work is really becoming more creative.

Money loses significance, giving the role of the instrument and criterion of success less alienated from their creators technology, which are less traded and more are transferred for temporary use. The value of The market for community development is reduced, and the technological infrastructure is increasing. People feel more free in everyday behavior. What is the team that produces feelings of loneliness, abandonment and uselessness — is another topic, and that information infrastructure allows hard (in the framework of “algorithmic society”) to program the behavior of formally free people.

Shareholders of global corporations, as a rule, are unable to manage their property: this function objectively belongs to the top managers. Moreover, shareholders EN masse, and don’t want to run, wanting to be, in fact, retired and not owners, and thus is destroying the Foundation of capitalism is private property that doesn’t exist outside of the management process. She dies, though not as expected the classics.

At issue is the very Foundation of the market — equivalence of exchange. After all, selling at an inflated price times the emotions associated with owning the “brand” thing, may be deemed equivalent is highly conditional.

In addition to theoretical problems with communism is associated the only morally acceptable solution to the existential question already posed to humanity by sverhproizvoditelny information technology.

For the production of tangible and intangible benefits of consumption they need less people — and billions become redundant in the truest sense of the word: they consume much more than they produce.

Under traditional capitalism the pursuit of profit as the purpose of development of the “extra mouths” must be destroyed; their very existence is a gross mismanagement, inexcusable waste of resources. And the extermination of “useless mouths to feed” hunger, disease, low-intensity conflicts, and family planning, as the experience of Africa and the Arab world, does not work: the killing of people (which faced the author of the last pan-European project Hitler) is technically turned out to be extremely difficult.

The largest gap between consumption and production is not the poor African living on $ 1.5 a day, and the middle class of the West, the success of which lies at the basis of modern ideas about the economic and political structure of the world.

The way out is seen today, the construction of “virtual reality”, more rich and interesting than the usual, and send back the one end part of the maximum “is not entered in the market of” representatives of the prosperous Western societies. This will allow the process to transform society in accordance with the concepts of global business: to replace democracy (the permissibility of which is only at the local level explicitly stated in the beginning of his presidency macron) total information dictatorship, and market — centralized distribution of all resources, starting with the money (the popularity of the ideas of Soros”s “financial state plan” is not accidental).

However, it is not solved the main problem: the profit from the departed in a “virtual reality” citizens of the developed countries, without which their commercial utilization becomes inefficient and, therefore, not realizable in large scale.

To the middle class agreed with its destruction and transformation into a “new poor”, it is necessary to intimidate and mechanisms of this intimidation threat to the West itself.

The hysteria surrounding “global warming” was denied the right to vote serious scientists and made punishable outright deception as well as hysteria about “Russian hackers” freed Hillary Clinton from responsibility for the crimes committed. The first deprived the West of the main advantages in the competition of civilizations — science as a productive force, and the second was transformed Russia from ally to enemy.

The mass importation of young Muslims under the guise of “refugees” is not only pushed out of the mass consciousness of the welfare issues more comfortable for the government with security issues, but also accelerated the Islamization of Europe.

The only alternative to the disposal of a great part of humanity — the refusal of the capitalist paradigm itself. The recognition that man is something more than a tool for extracting profits from the universe, turns all perception of the current situation and removes from the agenda the necessity of mass destruction.

If after the Communists considered the goal of human existence it self — improvement both individual and social — the problem of surplus labor will be replaced by the problem of severe shortages — primarily in education and health (including in countries that have not destroyed them under the guise of “optimization”). After all, to turn youth are not “qualified consumers” or “effective managers”, and comprehensively developed personality, we need a much larger effort, requiring not only more skill but also a larger number of teachers.

However, the attempt of such development taken by the Soviet civilization, foundered on the absence of efficient incentives (given to itself under conditions of minimal comfort, the average person prefers to degrade, not improve), and universal, and practically applicable criterion of improvement. After all, personality in contrast to the desire for profit is multifaceted and progress in some areas may be accompanied by degradation in others.

Not posing these key questions, humanity will not find answers and continue the usual way to profitability, leading to new conditions, to a massive, unprecedented even for the middle Ages, the destruction of the people. If the unacceptability of this will be recognized (not necessarily: when the population in Germany during the 30 year war, it was reduced three times, the awareness of its unacceptability did not exist), the surviving part of humanity will be able to use objective technological preconditions of communism — unless, of course, technology did not die with the people.

In the end, as pointed out by one of the outstanding thinkers of the post-Soviet space, mark Tkachuk, people come to communism out of desperation, having tried all other options and convinced of their inadmissibility. It is important not to enter in the number of deaths on the road.

In the modern world, as in historical Russia, to live long.

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