“The toilet here is Holy.” Japan through the eyes of the Russians who have lived there for 10 years

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Tatyana has been living in Japan for almost a decade. She first arrived there from his native Irkutsk for language practice on the student exchange program in a few years he returned and enrolled in graduate school, and then, as they say, the stars aligned: when the semester came to an end, she was offered a job. Today she settled in the small town of Sakaiminato, with a population of just over 30,000 people. His impressions of Japan the girl shared with Aephi.

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Together forever

Offer to stay in Japan came when I was just finishing to study in graduate school. The firm where I’m working now, looking for a Russian-speaking employee. I didn’t have a clear functionality, I did everything what you say. It is a feature of Japanese companies. Only in large corporations you could come to a specific position, e.g., accountant or lawyer. All the rest are looking for multidisciplinary professionals. For example, our company carries passengers and cargo. I am mainly responsible for first, but if need be, and the cargo will understand.

In Japan it is not customary to frequently change jobs. There’s even a system of lifetime employment. Its main and perhaps the only minus is that you have to do exactly what you say, about any freedom of choice of the question. However, the bonus in this case is much higher. Salary each year is slowly growing, plus you get confidence in the future, since to dismiss an employee in such a situation is very difficult. By the way, foreigners rarely offer such conditions, most work on contract. At the end of the prescribed period, these people write a report on their contribution to the development of the company, and then the user decides to renew a contract of employment or not. So you could say I was lucky: I have tenure in their company I’m working with 2010.

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“Let’s work”

In large corporations it is customary to come to the office 15 minutes before the start of the day to do all the charging. Fortunately, my boss supports this idea. One day we tried to practice it a couple of months. First — welcome speech: “it’s good that we’re here, let’s work.” Then — charge. And the icing on the cake — a story about who they would like to achieve. It takes a lot of time but gives some incredible effect, so now we just phrase: “Hello, let’s work”. To be late for work impossible. Usually companies use access control cards. If you’re late by at least 1 minute, the system will count either absenteeism or tardiness. Accordingly, the employee will have to pay a fine. In our main office are$ 10. The amount seems to be small, but if you are late regularly, is significant. You can be late only for the objective reasons. For example, if someone committed suicide in the subway and the traffic is paralyzed. Such cases sometimes happen in big cities.

The end of The day, nobody is in a hurry to leave, because Affairs are usually more than can be accomplished in the allotted 8 hours to you! Especially hard for those who work in Metropolitan areas. For example, my friend comes to work at 8:00 and goes to 23:00.

Vacation is 14 days per year. In Japan very often, it is subtracted from sick days. Want to be sick? Then be prepared for the fact that the holiday will last for less time. By the way, I did not know any Japanese who would go on vacation for two weeks in a row.

After work, many go to local establishments with slot machines. Honestly, I don’t really understand this way to relax. First, the inside is very smoky. Secondly, there is, of course, you can win money, but it is much easier to lose them. By the way, it’s considered normal to drink a glass of beer or sake at the end of the day. Anyone and would never call it a home with alcoholism. However, serving the symbolic, usually during the evening Japanese drink 0.5 l of beer or slightly more.

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Spicy topics

The toilet in this country — Holy. At the time I was a member of the volunteer organization, we have participated in different projects, one of them was associated with the cleaning of public toilets. Here it is not considered something to be ashamed of. Now, in Japan all the toilets are crystal clear! To be honest, I sincerely believe that as soon as Russia will have free public toilets with paper, the country will emerge from any economic crisis!

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In General, some issues associated with urinating, it is absolutely not taboo. You can easily hear (mostly from men): “I’m going to poop” or “I’m going to pee”. Children’s songs about Mr. Poop too, no one is appalled: “Oh, Mr Turd, if you want to go, I’ll carry you to the toilet.” To me it still seems strange, but local so accustom their children to the toilet and nothing wrong with that do not.

Within the four walls

In the region where I live, average salary is about 2 thousand dollars. Approximately half of this amount goes to rent, utilities payments and accommodation tax. The last — minus 100 dollars from the budget each month, and, for example, in Tokyo, this amount twice! Apartment with one room will cost 300-350$ if the room is somewhat up to 500-600$. Of course, in comparison with the Russian standards of housing in Japan are very compact. Everything here is designed for you to come home, modestly sat and went to sleep. Especially if we are talking about big cities. Remember lived Raskolnikov: the narrow case where there is a bed, and the man almost sideways to her passes. Kitchens in these apartments are usually not, but there is a place where you can put a small refrigerator and gas burner.

I’m about 6 years rented a room, which is very much like our malosemeika with a small hallway and a kitchen. Basically, anything terrible in it was not, however, by the end of the stay I am sick and tired of rolling the futon. It is a dense mattress that you spread out when you go to bed and remove in the morning. The Japanese mainly sleep on them. Average height here somewhere of 2.10 m. This is quite low compared to our standards, but if you sit on the floor, then the problem is solved. By the way, heating in the apartments there, so in the winter I dress warmly enough, but this has its advantages. When you go out, you don’t feel any different. In Russia from-for difference of temperatures I’m always hot.

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Hi, neighbor

I still hard to get used to the fact that the houses here are very close to each other. Are you aware of what your neighbours hear is enormous. For this reason, in the evening all used to behave quietly, so no one can give trouble. I, of course, in this sense slightly different from the local: that the music will turn on, I’ll call mom, and we’re talking loud until midnight. None of the neighbors do not make the remark and that more will not come to understand, people here are different: they simply call the management company and complain. During the week, her staff laid in all the mailboxes of the notice: “Please don’t speak loudly in the evenings. Let’s live together”. If this warning fails, it is likely that when the time comes to renew your contract for accommodation, UK will find any reason not to do so.

I really appreciate the Japanese work ethic, which they show is not momentary, but every day! Local usually get up at 6 am. Many do cleaning and then have Breakfast, not lunch Japanese — a rarity. Of course, early awakening means a pretty early bedtime. It is not accepted to come to someone after nine PM. But the Japanese can always call at 8:00. Be sure, on the other end you will hear a cheerful voice.

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Eye tuna, slug, and live fish

Japanese cuisine is quite specific. For example, I like have eyes big fish like tuna. They are somewhat similar to jelly, only fish. By the way, there’s a lot of collagen, so this dish is very useful.

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Of course, some refinements seem strange to Europeans. Local like to eat small live fish: you like to drink, and she at this moment tickles you. This is too much! A similar effect can be obtained if a fresh octopus tentacle sprinkled with soy sauce: sucker from the salt begin to work again. It turns out that you eat a tentacle, it sticks to your cheek. In my opinion, not the most pleasant feeling. Another spicy dish — live sea cucumber. It’s a big sea slug, which is just cut and eat without any processing. Raw I can only eat the oysters. It is always welcome.

Sometimes I cook something from our kitchen. For example, soup. In recent years, the beet in Japan has become very popular, it is easy to buy, however, it is expensive. Beets weighing about 800 grams will cost around 200 virtually any. By the way, the local is also not averse to eat this soup. They often borrow various dishes from other cuisines, but, of course, adapt them for themselves. If the Japanese will make the soup, I will be chopped vegetables, all the ingredients, on the contrary, are large, and the beets you probably do not see it.

The right size

The clothes here are very cheap. Of course, I don’t mean some brand vedii. By the way, in Japan quite differently to shoes. We all love to shoes were stylish, leather, beautiful, willing to pay for a good pair of lot of money, but for the local importantly, the shoes were easily removed and dressed because the day they can several times to change the shoes. For example, small offices like ours, many people go to indoor shoes, which looks like Slippers. Of course, in corporations you can hardly see a picture.

Women’s Shoe sizes — S, M and L. If you want to buy a couple clearly on the leg, need to go to a good shop. Cost it will not be 20-30$ 200-300$, so nobody really bother on this topic. If a person has beautiful shoes, he probably earns a good idea, just can afford such spending.

Tokyo. Photo: www.globallookpress.com

Domestic violence and exhibitionists

Security there are no problems. The chance to make it to two hours a night on the street, for example, to obtain a bottle on the head, are extremely small. To happen something like that, you need to specifically look for a hot spot, where antisocial personality. On the streets there is a huge number of cameras, and, of course, helps to maintain order. But, if you are a woman, it is likely to face in the street with the flasher: a man who one day opens his cloak, and under it a naked body. Alas, I saw this horror. Still have problems with domestic violence, because such things are hushed up, tell them it is a shame. For this reason, in every female toilet is attached with a sticker: “If you beat the house — it’s not normal, call us, we’ll help you”. But overall the environment is pretty calm.

The bride and groom in traditional wedding costumes. Photo: www.globallookpress.com

Mortgages and love

About Japan you can find a lot of information, but not all of it is true. For example, I still can’t relate to the fact that the presenter of the program “heads and tails” in one of the issues decided to take a walk through the Garden of stones! It’s a shame and it’s not funny, though, apparently, she and the whole crew didn’t think so! For the Japanese trick it is equivalent to as if a man came into the temple and began to brush your teeth with Holy water or to wash her feet! For this reason, I would not rely on such transfers, they sometimes tell and show things that have no relation to reality. But in the movie Anna Melikyan “About love” in the novel, the main character who is a Japanese woman who is looking for a husband, all true: respect each other in the foreground romance. For such coverage of this country I personally do not feel ashamed.

Interesting fact: Japan is still the parents sometimes help their son or daughter to find the second half. They offer a certain person as a candidate in the grooms or brides. Sometimes in such an unusual way for us, new born of the family. It is believed that if a person is good, then love will follow. Optional experience the endless passion to get married, you just have to respect each other, because the passion will be held, and a mortgage together to pay.

In Japan, much less divorces, than in Russia, and relate to them easier. In this country, originally was not familiar to us of Christian morality: “once and forever”. Most importantly, you need to follow the only condition for divorce: not to marry for 6 months after divorce. Such a rule is easily explained: before there were no pregnancy tests and it was necessary to exclude the possibility of the birth of a child from a previous husband. By the way, now the feminist movement is fighting for the abolition of this rule.

At the moment I can confidently say that I live and work here until the end of his days. It is possible that I will choose any other country. It is not excluded that it will be Russia. It seems to me that life there every year becomes better. But I don’t think.

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