The vicious circle of the Russian fencing brought three gold individual tournaments

The head coach of the national team of Russia in fencing two-time Olympic champion Ilgar Mamedov refused to start to predict how many medals can get a team at the world fencing championship in Leipzig. And rightly so: good luck comes to those who waits and is ready, but not to those who pre-arranges the medals. Rapiristki Inna Deriglazova, spagetka Tatiana Gudkov and Dmitry Zherebchenko rapiest – gold medalists of the first half of the championship.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Those sports who are dreaming about the bench, today can obzavidovalis fencing the ability to prepare shift. Titled and experienced Tatiana Logunova, Violetta Kolobova, Timur Safin and Alexey Cheremisinov, alas, left at the Leipzig battlefield. But on a Golden pedestal was still Russia.

Although it all started with the gold Inna Deriglazova. Olympic champion, unlike many of the updated after the Games the teams went to Leipzig just for the gold. And won the kicker”s nerves the fight, rocking the swing of the battle (so spectacular for spectators, but exhausting participants) in one direction and then the other. First Deriglazova decisively broke away from Alice Volpi Italian, then the fight suddenly took on for us the character of “all is lost”. How rapidly to turn the score 11:3 13:13? This fencing, brothers. Attack injection, attack injection, and gained Volpi suddenly taken aback when Deriglazova.

Ilgar Mamedov will tell you later that she suffered a heat stroke in the room too stuffy. And fell out of the normal state so that even I could not then recall the last injection. But it is a shot in overtime brought victory.

Accident this victory can not be called, Deriglazova won the world Cup in 2015 and Olympic games. And it changed the vector in this discipline with Italy

Russia. Italians to surrender, of course, do not intend to. At the European championship in Tbilisi, which could be considered a warm-up before the world, Deriglazova lost Arianna Erigo. But in Leipzig Inna gave to Italian to even think about repeating success: in the semifinals, which brought competitors, Arrigo, as they say in sports, suffered a crushing defeat – 6:15.

And the competition men sabre fencers in the same day, a bronze was won by Kamil Ibragimov. After the Olympic games the sportsmen in the discipline of change: left, Nikolai Kovalyov, as saying the coaches, “virtually” ended and Alexey Yakimenko, but returned before the European championship and fenced in the team. The team needed a leader. The team he always needed, and now, too. And we can assume that the leader of the now tightens fights the new leader, who becomes Kamil Ibragimov.

Ibragimov, the current champion of Russia, but in the semifinals lost to the Olympic champion of London 2012 in the South Korean Koo, Bon-Gil (10:15). And before that, was a very difficult fight with the titled rivals, among others, won double Olympic champion Aron Szilagyi.

And last day of personal events appeared in Leipzig Russian. In the men’s foil after two rounds of Olympic champion Alexey Cheremisinov met with Dmitry, Zherebchenko. And – lost. But Dmitry then not lost anyone. Says realized that after the victory over Cheremisinova he was gone. And won it convincingly – a single battle with a difference in one shot was not. And it happens in sport – waiting in the wings athletic, takes, desperate, returned… and go to the pedestal on its highest step.

“To lose after the victory over Cheremisinova I had no right. Not have believed it if someone said that to win the world Cup after the resumption of his career. Was afraid to dream about it.”

And in the women’s epee also took place the meeting of Tatiana Gudkova, Violetta and Kolobovo, it is not desirable. And to win, it seems, was the Minister. But “like” on the battlefield doesn’t work.

Tatiana Gudkova, like Dmitry, I will say then that the way back after being “knocked out” Kolobova, she was gone. No doubt. But to the thoughts it is always and added skill and character. It’s a great vicious circle of sports.

“When you beat a national tournament, sometimes in the next match manifest lack of will and lose. In Leipzig happened interchangeability, some leaders have left, others took the burden on themselves first”. The head coach of Mammadov can be proud of this conclusion.

Ahead – team competition, and here, for example, says Olympic champion Yana egorian, which in the individual competition sablistok was eliminated from the tournament early on. Her participation in the world Cup in General was questioned – because of a broken finger. But for Ian the finger of blame doesn’t he, thinks he’s underestimated her opponent and was too angry at the referee that robbed power.

“But, what can I say – I haven’t worked out how, when you’re not working, then don’t get a medal. I have a very good, young team, even if I something goes wrong, I know girls can do.”

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