The world championship of sports knife throwing: Russia won

Last weekend in Moscow at the sports complex of MGTU im. N. Uh. Bauman took the world championship in Universal fight in the discipline of “Sport knife throwing”. The tournament is held annually.


On Saturday, December 16, athletes competed in a knife throwing for 3, 5, 7 and 9 meters and determined Champions in the female and male subjects. In the second and final day of the tournament competition the eight best throwers at all distances revealed the absolute Champions. And among men, and among women the strongest in the world championship Russians — Venus Dmitriev and Mikhail Sedyshev.

All the competition was attended by about 70 throwers from 17 countries. Traditionally, leadership positions in sport knife throwing retain for themselves the representatives of Russia, but strong athletes there are in Latvia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Bulgaria. Throwers from those countries reached the final of the championship. Evidence of the close interaction between the organizers of the tournament with a foreign sporting community was the participation in the work of the jury of the arbitrator from Iraq Rasula al-Maliki, Salem.

Participants of the tournament supported by special guests of the event: the founder of traditional karate and unarmed combat in the USSR, actor and stuntman Tadeush Kasyanov; pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Sergey Avdeev, the author of a number of TV programs presenter Andrey Bakhmetyev; Heroes of Russia Oleg dukanov and Alexander Panfilov, representatives of law enforcement agencies (MVD, FSB, Regardie) and the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation.

Opened championship of the Vice-President of the Federation “Universal fight”, President of the NGO “MOVSM” Andrew Trochev. He spoke about the high humanistic mission of sport knife throwing:

“It’s a great discipline, essential for the harmonious development of the human personality, it is the second life of the former athletes and people who dream of a career in sport but for different reasons, primarily for health reasons, not reached the heights in professional sports. It allows people to realize and become part of the sports movement. We have advanced in our cooperation with the Ministry of sports, the decision and instructed to study the issue of creation of separate kinds of sports “Sports knife throwing” under the auspices of the Federation “Universal fight”, — said Andrey.

The organizers of the world Cup were: the international Federation “Universal fight”, the Moscow and Ryazan regional Federation of sport knife throwing.

Increased interest in the sport of knife throwing has become a representative of the sponsorship and informational support of the championship next sporting, promotional, and public broadcasting organizations.

The next world championship on knife throwing is to be held in 2018 in Bulgaria. This was stated by the President of the International Federation “Universal fight”, the Olympic champion on judo Sergey Novikov.

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